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AI Sales tools to put you ahead of the competition.

Avid CRM and integrate effortlessly to help you understand your connections, find highly targeted prospects, and communicate more effectively. Contacts mined from can be instantly imported into Avid.

AI Intelligence features to optimize communications.‘s intuitive AI Intelligence features will open a new world full of detailed customer data that would take a tremendous amount of time and effort otherwise. Avid CRM allows contacts imported from to be funneled through your sales pipeline.

ai contact management


Visualize a relationship map of your connections to unlock warm referrals. Come to understand someone before even reaching out.


Pull prospecting data from websites, web traffic, LinkedIn, and's expansive database of over 270 million people.

Boost Sales.

Use AI to write intuitive emails targeted towards specific contacts to build a connection straight from the start.

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    Join Warren Stokes for Avid CRM's Webinar Series.

    April 18th, 11:00 AM PST |

    Avid CRM Webinar Series

    Warren Stokes
    Director of Sales and Marketing

    Join Warren Stokes, Director of Sales and Marketing, for Avidian Technologies’ free educational Avid Outlook CRM Training Webinar series. Whether you are a current Avid user or are looking to learn more about it, come to get your questions answered.

    On every third Thursday of every month, learn about how to master and optimize:

    * Contact & Account Management
    * Sales Pipeline Management
    * Automated Follow Up
    * Sorting, Filtering, and Reporting
    * Cool New Features

    If this month’s webinar didn’t answer your questions, feel free to connect with us at [email protected] or refer to past webinars on Warren’s Webinars, which have amassed over 1.7 million views.

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