Comparing Outlook Customer Manager and Prophet CRM

Comparing Outlook Customer Manager and Prophet CRM.

What to use next after OCM?

Did your company rely on Microsoft’s Outlook Customer Manager (OCM) as a Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) and have not found an adequate solution since then?

OCM ended its run as a lite CRM solution embedded in Outlook in June of 2020.

Outlook Customer Manager provided incredible benefits to firms in the 1-5 CRM user space by allowing users to manage daily business sales and marketing operations through Outlook. OCM’s essential Outlook integration helped to simplify these functions, consolidating efforts into a single portal rather than multiple software.

If you are a small business owner, you may be wondering where to turn for a sturdy and simple CRM replacement.

Fortunately, firms that used OCM can easily transition to Prophet CRM, the leading provider of Outlook-based CRM. As with OCM, Prophet CRM users can manage pipelines with opportunities and projects within Outlook. Teams can consolidate deal-specific information and interaction for collaboration, and managers can have a high-level view of all the functions within the business.

For past Outlook Customer Manager users who are comfortable with the Outlook interface Prophet CRM provides a familiar and recognizable experience. This makes onboarding to Prophet CRM quick and easy for transitioning OCM teams.

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What can you do with Prophet CRM?

        • Contact Management

        • Account Management

        • Opportunity Management

        • Relationship Management

        • Pipeline Reporting

        • Activity Reporting

        • Sales Automation

        • Workflow Automation

        • Document Generation

        • Email Tracking

        • Track Notes and Meetings

        • Plan Next Steps

Contacts, Companies, and Deals

Outlook Customer Manager and Prophet CRM follow a similar database format, categorizing individual records as Contacts, Companies, or “Deals/Opportunities.” The comparable format will allow for OCM users to easily transition information from OCM to Prophet CRM. Additionally, teams will not have to change the familiar language and processes to accommodate an unfamiliar solution.

OCM users will be pleased to find that Prophet CRM offers a similar “Excel-like” interface where they can easily filter and select records. As with OCM, Prophet CRM provides the user flexibility to create multiple custom views to explore and recall information from the database.

CRM Reporting – The Big Difference

The primary differentiator between Outlook Customer Manager and Prophet CRM is the incredibly detailed pipeline and activity reporting Prophet CRM provides. Through Prophet CRM managers have access to traditional PDF-style reports or modern analytic reports to measure their team’s progress.

Prophet CRM utilizes embedded Power BI, enabling users to see trends in their key metrics. These reporting tools enable sales and project teams to visually reflect KPIs related to customer interaction, pipeline conversion, and team productivity toward goals.

Mobile CRM

Both Outlook Customer Manager and Prophet CRM offer mobile apps to assist teams on the go. OCM and Prophet CRM’s mobile applications are separate environments from the Microsoft Outlook mobile application.

Want to See if Prophet is a Fit?

See what current users have to say.

Chris S.

Sales Account Executive

``Customer Service is Above and Beyond``

We have been able to automate our sales process and in turn we've saved a ton of time and have become more efficient thanks to Prophet CRM. The analytics have also allowed us to better track our KPI's and grow our business.
Dean S.

Sales Representative

``The application is very user friendly and powerful. The Tech Support is second to none!``

The ability to store and manage all of our contacts in one, easy to use application. The reporting and lead tracking features are very helpful as well. The interface is very intuitive.

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