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Based out of Massena, New York, SeaComm Federal Credit Union has been a long-standing pillar of local commercial support in New York and the Northern half of New England. Its small-town roots began in 1963 and since then it has seen steady growth. It now services upwards of 48,000 members and operates seven different branches across New England. It has developed strengths in building personal connections both to serve existing customers better and gain new clients, which continues to fuel its success.

The Challenge

SeaComm deeply valued its careful attention to customer service, a quality that led to rapid growth. With this new scale, however, challenges in keeping track of member interactions across the Credit Union arose. In particular, the Business Development and Commercial Loaning departments found that although they often worked with the same clients, they were failing to keep track of each other’s progress. One hand didn’t know what the other was doing, and it was leading to redundant interactions and member follow-ups slipping through the cracks.

The Solution

When Jerry Manor recognized the patterns of disorganization, he began searching for solutions. What he was looking for was a system that not only organized SeaComm’s growing list of contacts and clients but also gave a clear and intuitive way to track progress with different relationships between departments. In addition, Jerry wanted ways to guarantee client follow-up and prevent any untied threads from going unnoticed. Although he covered a few different CRMs, he and SeaComm found that the best fit for their job was Avidian’s Prophet CRM, because of its powerful features and intuitive user layout. Prophet’s seamless Outlook integration meant that SeaComm could implement all these upgrades straight from their email client, making the switch-over extremely fluid and easy.

The Results

After purchasing Prophet CRM, SeaComm found themselves supported by a dedicated team of Avidian customer service who made sure that Prophet was integrated with SeaComm’s workflow seamlessly. SeaComm’s team members were able to access useful instructional webinars and content from Avidian’s site. Once SeaComm’s departments had the time to play around with Prophet, they found that it cut down time spent on hunting down each other’s work and instead allowed them to do what they did best, supporting the local economy and continuing to build client relationships.

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