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Tutorials and Tips for Prophet and Outlook

We've created six ways to help you experience the power of Prophet
#1 Flash Demo
#2 Start-Up Tutorial and Guide
Watch and listen to the 11 most common tasks completed with Prophet. Select just the tasks you want to learn in full flash animation. Watch now!
#3 User Guide
The User Guide goes into more depth on the features and uses of Prophet. Includes directions for performing specific tasks. Click here to view or Right click on DOWNLOAD and select "Save Target as..."
#4 Outlook and Prophet Tips
Quick tips gives you solutions to specific problems with a minimum of effort.
Outlook Tips
Outlook Tips 1: Create Appointments and Tasks from Emails.
Outlook Tips 2: Save Time with Open New Window.
Outlook Tips 3: No more FAX numbers as an email address
Outlook Tips 4: Show Two Timezones with Outlook
Outlook Tips 5: Using the Advanced Toolbar in Outlook
Outlook Tips 6: Using AutoText to Create Repeatable Copy Blocks
Outlook Tips 7: Customizing Views in the Task Folder
Outlook Tips 8: Outlook Tip – Printing a Blank Calendar
Outlook Tips 9: Creating Follow Up Tasks from Emails
Outlook Tips 10: Accessing Your Gmail Account from Outlook
Outlook Tips 11: Accessing Your HotMail Account from Outlook
Outlook Tips 12: Change the Way Unread Messages are Highlighted
Outlook Tips 13: Access an AOL Mailbox with Outlook
Outlook Tips 14: Create Attachments in Outlook via Drag & Drop
Outlook Tips 15: Field Chooser
Outlook Tips 16: Filling in the due date in a Task
Outlook Tips 17: Automatically Flag incoming emails
Outlook Tips 18: Automatically organizing incoming emails into folders
Outlook Tips 19: Color-Coding your Calendar
Outlook Tips 20: Create a contact item from an email
Outlook Tips 21: Changing your view of Contacts
Outlook Tips 22: Assigning Tasks to Others
Outlook Tips 23: Create a Mail Merge from your Outlook Contact Folder
Prophet Tips
Prophet Tips 1: Customize Prophet Reports with User Defined Fields.
Prophet Tips 2: Quickly Find Any Email for a Contact.
Prophet Tips 3: Using Categories to Send Group Personalized Emails
Prophet Tips 4: Using Public Contact Folders In Prophet
Prophet Tips 5: Optomizing the Opportunity Manager
Prophet Tips 6: The Fastest Way to Create an Opportunity
Prophet Tips 7: Opening Multiple Prophet Folders at Once
Prophet Tips 8: Getting to Contacts or Companies Faster
Prophet Tips 9: Quickly Sort Contacts by First or Last Name
Prophet Tips 10: Getting ACT! or Goldmine Data into Prophet
Prophet Tips 11: Opportunity Notes Best Practices with Prophet
Prophet Tips 12: Prophet Now Works with Tablet PC's
Prophet Tips 13: Customize the Rep Probability Field in Opportunity Manager
Prophet Tips 14: Categorizing a group of contacts for viewing in Prophet Contact Manager
Prophet Tips 15: Reviewing Reports in CSV
Prophet Tips 16: Using Prophet to manage your customers once the sale is closed
Prophet Tips 17: Creating an opportunity from an email with one click
Prophet Tips 18: Creating a Back Up of Your Prophet Data
Prophet Tips 19: Customizing your view in the Opportunity Manager
Prophet Tips 20: Attaching Emails, Tasks and Calendar Items to Opportunities
Prophet Tips 21: Customizing Note Tracking Type
Prophet Tips 22: Quick name lookup
Prophet Tips 23: Quickly find Opportunities by Company Name
Prophet Tips 24: Managing tasks in Prophet Today
Prophet Tips 25: Keep personal contacts out of Prophet
#5 Step by Step Guides for Business Relationship Professionals
This series will look at specific industries and show how Prophet can help people like Jane Martin track and close more business. Here are the contents of the first step by step guide.
Step One - Outline Your Sales Process
Step Two - Define and Organize Your Products
Step Three - Customize Prophet to Fit the Business
Step Four - Organize your Contacts
Step Five - Start Tracking an Opportunity
Step Six - Updating and Closing Out the Sales Opportunity
Step Seven - Generate a Report
Step Eight - Using Personalized Group Email to Communicate
#6 Prophet Server Installation Guide
The Server Guide goes into more depth about installation issues.
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