Customer Quotes

Nathan provided me with excellent support. He knew I had concerns going into the call due to errors I had received with my prior attempt to upgrade and from the get go, he assured me that he would be with me on the phone till we upgraded successfully. The time took longer than expected and I beleive he stayed after his normal departure time. I appreciate his extra effort.
Shafik Keshani
Ultra Risk Advisors
I am thrilled to have Nathan as a resource, he is known in our office as the "go to" for questions! I look forward to the reporting process becoming more streamlined, so I can increase the recommendation to peers feedback.
Jill Stewart
Izzy Plus
Your Technician (Brian) is deserving of high recommendation. His gifts are sublime patience and the ability to describe the correct course of action necessary to achieve the objective. He understands that many of us mortals do not possess much more than the basic knowledge to follow instructions and showed no frustration and rancor which was demonstrated by the way he repeated the steps calmly and continued until we jointly succeeded in meeting the target with a nice feeling of achievement. He has the skill of managing the Client with his cool understanding and made what is a nail biting exercise for most people a joy of achievement and a thoroughly pleasant experience and one which I would recommend to your Clients. I send my highest level of appreciation to your Technician. Well done.
Robert T Manwaring
Kusters Zima Corporation
Tech support person was pleasant and friendly , knowledgeable, efficient, set up went smooth .An issue with password was promptly resolved. Besides liking the software, tech support is a reason that I stay with Avidian.
Greg Sweva
Franchise Brokerage
I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the excellent customer service I received from Laura. I had an outstanding issue from March of this year that had not been resolved. She helped me on the phone in April. I followed up with her in July because resolution had not occurred. She researched the issue, followed up with me, stayed in communication with me, and resolved the issue. I appreciate her communication skills, and follow up skills. Avidian is blessed to have her on staff.
Darshana Hawks
Piedmont Natural Gas
The account team's response was immediate and focused on what I needed most. Katy Kirwin has been generous with her time and very effective at helping get us back on track, with Everett's support. She also scheduled additional training with Tiffany for us. We have additional issues to face to consolidate the necessary contact information into Prophet and to use the prospect pipeline reporting and group mail effectively. I am glad that we seem to have the team's attention to help us in those departments.
Edward J. McDermott
BMI Audit Services, LLC
I am very happy with the level of support you provided me on this issue and with the prompt service in getting me the information that I required to fix my problem in a timely manner. You were very courteous in our phone conversation and I felt that I was in good hands when we were done.
Mark "Dino" Eastwood
Bantam Electronics, Inc.
I want to thank you for taking the time and spending the last almost 2 hours with us to help with our CRM issue – which turned out to be a technical issue which we would have been unable to solve on our own. The fact that you actually took the time to understand our problem, got Everett & Rodney involved and eventually solved what was a Prophet issue really helps us believe that Avidian does care about their customers after the purchase has been made.
Darcy Hill
Global Tax Management, Inc.
I recently purchased Prophet and had the very good fortune to deal with Katy Kirwan. She was a wonderful person to deal with. I am relatively intelligent but my computer skills are marginal. Katy never made me feel ignorant and was quick to respond to a problem, always courteous and actually made me, the customer feel that she truly cared about my issues.
Beth Waldner

I have been working with Katy Kirwin learning Prophet. She has been wonderful to work with.
Jim Enos
MSI Services
The real impact of CRM productivity within Outlook is amplified by Prophet's ability to harness the collaborative user environment and transform sales opportunities into revenue more quickly than standalone applications. Achieving a higher ROA (return on assets) quotient is simply smart business in a complex economy.
Frank J. Bernhard
OMNI Consulting Group LLP
When I purchased Prophet, I thought I was merely buying a software package that might help enhance my efficiency. I looks like I may have also found a partnership that will help contribute to my continued growth and success. If there was ever any post purchase apprehension on my part, you’ve dispelled it quite effectively.
Barry Morgan
National Private Club Practice
Katy has far exceeded our expectations. Everyone from Avidian has been a pleasure to work with.
Joseph D. Pate
Accel Inc.
I wanted to send a note and let you guys know that Devin did a great job solving a problem I had with Prophet. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He followed up when he said he was going to. I am very pleased.
Slade Smith

Devin was very pleasant and personable on the phone and I enjoyed his support very much. He was very reassuring and I had every confidence that he knew exactly how to resolve my problem. If all of your support technicians are as personable and knowledgeable as Devin, I feel very confident that Avidian will provide any support that I may need for Prophet in the future. I have no intention of asking for a refund at the end of my 30 day trial.
Denis Langelier
National Training Systems Association
You did a really great job today and I really appreciate the follow up. Thank you and best wishes.
Joe Downey
Willis Real Estate & Construction
I have used ACT software for 20 years and I have required my clients to use it. I will abandon it for Prophet because of your customer service. I called Prophet several months ago in a real tizzy about my database. I caught one of your rep's late in the day on a Friday. He was helpful and understanding. He encouraged me to go to your website and do some trials. He then called back over the next five months to see if I could use your product. In November, I received an e-mail from him and I called him. I went ahead and purchased Prophet. This kind of persistence and customer service for a $200.00 software package is amazing. When I received the product, I loaded it and forgot about it. I then received a phone call to see if it was working and to see if I wanted to sign up for training. I signed up for a training course (which I missed). I did not set it up properly. I called and spoke with Katy Kerwin today. She helped me get my program started and she trained me on doing group e-mails. She was helpful courteous and patient. It was extremely comfortable that she spoke English naturally and understood English. Your exemplary customer service is a pleasant surprise. I will recommend this software to my office manager for all of our offices (only 6 small offices) and I will also require it for all of the clients that I do consulting for. I look forward to working with Avidian. Thank you!
Crystal Olsen
RF Mayo Associate
Mike was just awesome. I called around 830EST and he took the call. Little did I know he was on the West Coast , had just arrived and was talking to me in the dark! Initially I called only to get some information on the product but Mike was eager and willing to spend as much time with me as I needed to feel comfortable about trying the software. Not only did he go above and beyond answering my questions but he was very honest about the products strengths and weaknesses vs other options in the market. It was is integrity and transparency of his selling that ultimately led me to try the product. The only time he asked me to hold was when I went to order the product because he was working in the dark and needed to turn on the lights to take the order!
Kevin Valliere
Global Selection Inc
I am extremely happy that I selected Prophet for my CRM. Your website said better support and Devin has completely helped you live up to that promise. He was extremely professional, immediately realized the difficulty with the large time difference with India, called in early morning and ofcourse had my issue sorted in very quick time. Above all he was so very pleasant and helpful.
Kaveri Hukku
Specialise Instruments
Hiep helped turn around a very difficult situation in a quick and timely fashion. Despite your offices having the biggest snow storm in 2 decades, (followed by record rain, and flooding), he & Eric stayed the course. I understand they went to the office and worked when most people took the day off, some days, there were fewer than 5 who made it into work. Once we had the template in our hands, Eric facilitated our use of it and assured all our questions were answered. Prior to their working with us, we were quite frustrated with the organization. Because of their dedication, attention to detail & follow through, we have a new respect for Avidian/Prophet.
Jill Carcia
The whole process was simple, thanks to you. Based on customer care, I would absolutely refer you to friends/colleagues/customers looking for the type of software program Avidian offers.
Adrienne Quitugua
Blaisdell's Business Products
I just wanted to pass along my thanks to all those associated with your Prophet 5 CRM software. As a small business owner, I sincerely appreciate the professionalism that has been afforded me by all your staff.
Randy May
May Recreation Equipment & Design, LP
Thanks for that Katy, excellent assistance by the way yesterday, and appreciate the follow up as well. You’ve single handedly converted me from a new customer thinking about asking for a refund into a customer that appreciates your help and looking forward to getting Prophet up and running for our company.
Andy Tolley
American Ecotech LLC
We are most impressed with the service we are enjoying from your company; in particular, from Mr Chris Smigielski.
Andrew Stekhoven
Escrow Europe (Pty) Ltd
What a joy it is to work with you, Marisa, and with a company that actually provides their customers with the professional level of support that I have experienced from you! As a business owner and consultant, I believe this should be common practice, however, I see far too little of this level of service in our business community today. And as a customer, I feel that it is important enough to take the time to acknowledge that you, your company, and your product stand above the crowd.
Lonnie Pricer

I just wanted you to know that Tiffany was extremely helpful explaining some of the intricacies of Prophet. It takes a while to get my head wrapped around it and she made things more clear and user friendly for me in a conference call last week. I appreciate the support!
Laura LeRoy
Zohar Productions, Inc.
Between Devin and Chris they did a fantastic job. You have two great support staff. I am in the payroll business and service is what makes us different and these guys do it for you.
George Bigham
E-Chx, Inc.
I am a new user of this application. I will like to take a few moments and describe the prompt, helpful, and excellent service from Devin. He goes above and beyond to help understand and resolve the issues.

Wow… Great thinking! I love how you always come up with solutions outside the box. Awesome. I think that would be great! Thank you again for your help. I really appreciate it!
Melissa Chin
Rx Sales Pros
What else could I ask for? Nothing! A 5 star service from Chris. Thank you Chris!!!!!
Flame Amazon

Just wanted to drop you an email letting you know that Scott has been great to my company. We had problems installing Prophet and he helped troubleshoot and provided any help requested throughout the process. Thanks for having such a person as part of your staff
Anthony Lewis
EMC Inc.
Howdy. I just would like to comment that your tech support staff has been very helpful with supporting me. I recently had a computer failure and your team’s response was prompt and helpful.
Kerry Blettner
Yacht Club Sales & Service
HI there Just to ket you know that I have received great support form Devin and Chris. Thanks for the quick response.
Marin Leusink
Vivace Int.
Devin is patient and not condescending—he did a great job!!
Jack Frano
Adaptive Growth, Inc
Even though I am just one customer at $149.95, and I realize that my cancel or continuance is not a real company breaker; however I really felt valued as a customer through Devin's help & assistance. My Prophet 5.0 seems to be working as it should be and I truly would not be in this position had it not been for Devin's help.
Claire G. Christison
RSS Check
I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say that I am extremely grateful to Shawn for all his help today and over the past few weeks. He has been and is a pleasure to work with I just hope I haven’t been to demanding of him and look forward to working with him in the future.
Sharon Perkins
Intelligent Display Solutions Ltd
I’m a new user of Prophet so I want to thank you for making such a valuable product, I’m enjoying Outlook in ways I thought were only a dream.
Darrell Catmull
Destiny Real Estate
I’m in the process of researching a CRM tool for my business, and I’m writing to let you know that I’m very pleased with Ron for showing me a great demo this afternoon.
Paul Hong

Your crew there is always quick on the ball and it is great to be able to call Kent anytime for tips as opposed to some companies where once a sale is made, the rep could care less about you. As with any program there are bugs to work out and we are still grasping the capabilities of Prophet. I’ve recommended it to customers/vendors I’ve spoken with I like it so much. You are to be commended on running a tight ship and having a great product!
Dale Litney
Advanced Microderm
I just wanted to let you know that Shawn White was wonderful today on my kick-off call. He was patient with me, had answers to ALL of my questions and exceeded my expectations. He did a great job and I thought you should know.
Amanda Aplin
Choreo Technology, LLC
Thank you for your help in solving my computer problems. I worked with Devin, who was patient and very professional. It took several sessions, including developer involvment, but throughout the process Devin provided the kind of support you'd hope to recieve from a software company, but rarely get. Thanks Avidian and Thanks Devin
Mark Bohn

Chris did a great job on helping me with my problem. I am a big fan of Avidian and Chris’ patience and assistance only solidified that.
Bobby Darnell
Construction Market Consultants, Inc.
I just wanted to say thanks for all your help this past week with all the various issues we ran into trying to import our data. We are finally up and operational in Prophet as of yesterday!
Robert Cavalero
National Specialty Underwriters, Inc.
Chris assisted me this week with a technical issue I was having with Prophet. I wanted you to be aware that his professionalism and product knowledge were both top notch. As a customer, I really appreciate knowing I can call on Avidian and count on excellent support.
Steven Branch
Configurable Management, LLC
Chris was quick, persistent and kept me updated as progress was made. The work-around that has been offered is very simple and acceptable until the underlying bug can be fixed. My experience with your tech support has given me confidence to continue using Prophet as CRM for Itechra as we grow.
Brian Robertson
Being a new user of Prophet and also of Outlook, I have needed a lot of help in trying to figure out how to use both programs correctly. My goal is to become more efficient and organized and I know Prophet will help me do that. I have had a lot of questions and have been emailing and talking with Katy Kirwan on the phone. Not only has she been very helpful, but extremely patient and courteous with me and all of my dumb little questions.She is a wonderful asset to Avidian Technologies. I have greatly appreciated all of her help.
Tim Chin
Colliers International
Once Scott scheduled an appointment and got in contact with us, he was very helpful. He was patient and answered all of our questions. Even though he had to repeat himself because someone didn’t understand, he was a perfect customer support person. You are lucky to have him and his patience!
Laurie McGuigan
Thanks Laura. You are a real STAR!!!
Rudi Jansen
Kando Business Coaching
Katy, you are really good about getting back to customers and sticking with them till the issue gets resolved! Thank you!
Robert Meyer
Realty Exchange Solutions
Shawn has always met and exceeded requests made.
Bob Burkholder
De Wils Industries, Inc.
Scott provide a solution to my problem today. Once again I feel Customer Service and support will make the difference.
Gary Wilkie
Bauscher, USA Inc.
Kudos to Scott C.—he was able to help me get my Prophet up and running in about 15 minutes (I’d been struggling for over a week). Only wish I would have called sooner. He was a pleasure to work with—friendly and efficient.
Kim Phillips
As always you are a Rock Star and everything is all good!!! Thanks for fixing my Prophet.
Joseph Webber
TKK Electronics LLC
I just wanted to let you know that I received GREAT, not good, tech support today from Chris Smigielski…It was timely, accurate, and solved my problem completely.
Bill Strong
Classic Club Solutions, LLC
Your service is great. The Avidian database is working just fine. Perfect 10!
Tina Blasberg
allRisk Property Damage Experts
I’ve just had a support query handled by Scott Colvin. I fired off emails without checking the facts and asked what must have appeared to be a particularly stupid question. Scott sorted this out in a highly professional manner, resisting the temptation to highlight my stupidity. In short he did a great job and deserves to be commended for it.
Tom McNaughtan
Xodus Group Pty Ltd
You did exceed my expectations! Your response time was exceptional and the way you shared information was clear, concise and easy to understand. By far the “BEST” technical support I’ve ever experienced!
Bob Greene
Tristar Hotel Group
Chris Smigielski was very helpful and professional resolving the problem I was having with prophet. He always responded to my reply in a timely manner and presented solutions that made sense. Thank you for the help, this was very important to me.
Geoffrey Jones
Wasatch Sun LLC
Marisa is outstanding. She has an ability to enthusiastically and quickly resolve questions/issues concerning your product.
Christopher Kongelka
Just wanted to drop a line that this individual who handled my frustrating situation did so with absolute professional and intelligent manner. Devin was friendly and very helpful. He made my first opinion of your product turn around by just being himself and going over and above to help me install your product.
Melanie Joudrey
Hydraulics Plus
Marisa is one of the most informed and talented trainers I have worked with. She understood the Prophet program not just academically but at a level I could tell she really understands the capabilities and their implications to my business and our sales staff. Marisa made the role out and configuration a simple to understand process and never tired of my “new user” questions. Thanks for setting me up with her, as I know you said there was someone in particular you wanted me to work with. Any new software application takes time to get familiarized with, but great support and attitude can really sweeten the process.
Harlan Hatter
ImageSystems3, LLC
Thank you Devin for all your assistance. You have been most patient and professional and I commend your customer service skills. In our business, Prophet takes the place of a person who supplies information to US customs. To have this program up and accurate is of the utmost importance. I really appreciate the time you took in educating us on the correct use of the filters.
Judith Dunham
Katy has been very helpful, and she was surprisingly quick and accommodating in her response to my expressions of frustration over my attempts to implement our software. This has been a long and painful process for my company, and most of the responsibility for the problems rests with us (Berghammer) as the client, not with you. Even so, Katy has led your company’s efforts to make us into a satisfied customer.
Michael Wallace
Berghammer Construction Corporation
I just wanted to take a moment to bring to your attention Katy’s fantastic support last night. Even though it is not her job, in 1 phone call she handled my customer service issue, gave me some training AND provided enough tech support that I didn’t need to make 3 separate phone calls. I was pretty frustrated and she took the time to answer every single question I had. She is friendly, very knowledgeable and has an outstanding ability to explain technical concepts. She is a credit to your company.
Scott Bowker
Meridian Technologies
Once Chris and I were able to connect, his service, problem-solving and easygoing manner proved outstanding in every respect. He is indeed a true professional. As a matter of fact, when I first spoke with him his manner suggested that he was a manager. I was surprised when he told me he was not. I allowed him to take control of my computer. When he did, the issues were resolved within five minutes, at the most. By far, he is the most intelligent, well-spoken support engineer I have ever dealt with.
David Hruska
ID Theft Solutions of America
Thank you for the help!!!
Chris Lundgreen
PMI Truck Bodies, Inc
I would like to let you know that on numerous occasions, Katy has exceeded my standards. Due to the 4 hour time change she has gone above and beyond to accommodate our training needs. We are new to the CRM package and have had numerous obstacles. Although not completely out of the water…we are getting there. Thank you again.
Lisa LePage
Enterprise Fredericton
Devin is a genius at this stuff. He had the system working in about 30 minutes. And I still have access to ACT so I can reference history.
Gene Clow
Great Circle Aircraft
I wanted to pen a quick note highlighting Katy's assistance during out recent acquisition of Prophet. She has helped us with the basics, and the not so basics, in a timely, professional, and positive manner. In our experience, finding a "technie" than can explain things with a human touch is rare. Katy has consistently done this. Based on our positive experience with the product we have grown from the originally planned two licenses to five.Please let Katy know we appreciate her excellent work.
Eric Lohela
City of Santa Barbara
Thanks again Chris your a Gentleman and a Scholar
Michael L. Short
NCS Plus
I responded to a broadcast email from Avidian over Hiep Nguyen’s signature yesterday and mentioned that I had a few questions before I installed Prophet. Even though he’s not in customer service, Mr. Nguyen set up a trouble ticket outlining my questions. I figured I’d see something in a few days. Within 30 minutes, I had an email from Chris offering to speak this morning. He called right on the dot, listened quite patiently to my set of questions, then answered all of them one by one. I found his explanations extremely clear. Even more importantly, I found his attitude very positive. The entire experience made a very favorable impression on a guy who has yet to start his own copy of Prophet! It definitely increased my confidence in your company. If Prophet CRM performs as well as Avidian’s people, I’ll be recommending it to my client.
Harry Turvey
Weybridge Associates, LLC
I wanted to let you know that I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly our issue was resolved. I had the problem fixed within 10-15 minutes of calling tech support, including wait time and emailing of the procedure. Jon's response was prompt, courteous and accurate.
Tom Stringer
CSP Technologies, Inc
Katy gave a great 1-hr overview to several of us, with key points of emphasis on elements of using the software that could be problematic if missed. In our 1-1 session, she changed her entire format to meet my specific informational needs given my background and the data conversion requirements due to my situation. She listened, responded, and delivered very nicely -- including helping to file a support request to your technical folks relative to a import/export problem we found. Excellent work, nice voice, good temperament, great follow-thru.
Daniel Myers
Legacy J
I’d also like to take this opportunity to commend you and your group on your fast response, dedication to resolving problems, and continued outstanding service. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend your team and your commitment to your clients.
Jill Carcia
Much of our success with Prophet goes to the relational and technical abilities of Rodney. He has been one of the easiest individuals for me to work with in my career. I am very impressed with his ability to listen to our needs, implement those changes as requested, and respond with suggestions outside of the box when necessary! I would be remiss not to mention your training and project management teams as well. They have done an excellent job to date. I look forward to continued success for both of our companies and appreciate your efforts to make us successful in our activities.
David Wilding
TelStrat International, Ltd
I wanted to thank you for the excellent care that I have received from your staff. We at LCS have been contemplating various CRM systems to run at our company, and after contacting Gary Wills, we have decided that Prophet would be the best fit to match our needs. Gary has done an exceptional job in explaining the system, answering all of our questions (and we have had many!), assisting us with technical support, training, conceptual understanding and personal care for our team.
Tiffany Amber Farran
LCS Constructors
Katy did a great job with the presentation. She knows your product, the real world challenges it solves, and is pleasant and very easy to understand over the web.
Mike Howell
Barcodes West LLC
Chad was quick to call me this morning and he knew exactly what the problem was when I described the symptoms. His helpful attitude and quick diagnosis got me back to work in a jiffy! Thanks Chad.
Bob Cohen
Unified Property Group
Your technical service person Marisa, did a excellent job today in all aspects of our meeting and getting me out of trouble. I have had your product since Feb. March and I had lots of information lost I thought, but Marisa found it all for me and now I can breathe.
Mike Greene
Circuit Logic
I would like to acknowledge Chris Smigielski for his support in a timely manner and solving an application crash through just one email.
Dan Mocanu
Aperio Executive Coaching
You are the best! I really appreciate your follow-up! You truly have exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work!
Christine Chanley
Health Care Systems, Inc
Everyone I have dealt with in your company has been very professional and pleasant to work with. Chad today was not an exception. He was very polite and I could sense a smile over the phone. He provided timely information and also offered to log in remotely to do the work for me. With his information my issue was resolved quickly on the first attempt. I send my congratulations to you for having a great tech support team!
Bert Waldrop
CCS Printing
Devin was wonderful to work with. I was delighted to be on the phone with someone whose knowledge, respect, and sense of humor (particularly important, in my opinion, when dealing with potential computer disasters) made this ordeal much less challenging. I was also glad that he was easy to understand and that he was able to explain what we were doing and why. It is rare to come by someone in customer service who is so pleasant to work with. He is truly a wonderful asset to your company
Kathy Robinson
ThompsonBaker Agnecy, Inc
I just wanted to comment on the superior help we have received from Devin. He did exceed my expectations
Lisa LePage
Enterprise Fredericton
I wish that our salespeople one day will reach the level of support Shawn White gave us today!!
Hans Wortman
Brooks Instrument B.V.
Jon did a great job today to resolve my issues and get me up and running. Give him a big raise.
Ken Cook
Thanks so much Chris. It’s unusual that you can find someone to help even when the support has expired. That says a lot about you and your company. I will strongly suggest to my client that he renew his Avidian support. I know he LOVES your program and uses it every day.
Jeff Jones
I just wanted to let you know that Katy has been an excellent trainer. She has answered all of my questions along the way or has gotten me in contact with someone who could. I really appreciate all her help. She is very professional and courteous and is a pleasure to work with.
Charlene Keith
Hillco Technologies, Inc
I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know our satisfaction with Marissa Scheckel. She was very knowledgeable and interested in answering our questions. She is also very friendly. This type of service is exactly what we look for in our partnerships with vendors. I felt like I should let you know how we feel about her focus on us and our satisfaction. She’s a keeper!
Garry Seaber
Network Systems Resellers
Thanks again for helping me and the customer service made by Chris is totally over my expectation.
Andy Wong
Ho Wai Printing & Publishing Co,, Ltd.
I wanted to let you know that Shawn White has been an excellent help and you can be proud of having him in your team!
Edda Hrund Guðmundsdóttir
I emailed a question to training early this morning. Katy responded to my email. The answer was easy to understand and right on the money. Additionally, I felt she understood me and validated me despite the fact that my problem I created could have been viewed as stupid. I felt she exceeded my expectations with her promptness, accuracy, and attitude. Further, I have consistently had good experiences with Avidian support, which is definitely above the standard of my experience in the industry. Kudos to you and your team, and to Katy!
Will Arn
Stevens Kitchens
Katy Kirwan has exceeded expectations today for me. I am thankful.
Alan Kliff
Lawyers Work 4 Lawyers
Your one-on-one training was very helpful and informative. I’m growing more comfortable with Prophet by the day, and I already know my purchase decision was the right one. You gave me a lot of useful ideas. Marisa is a personable, articulate, and expert trainer. She did a great job!
David Streit
Stephill Associates, LLC
Very good! And I don't say that very often!
Dennis Thornton
TwistFree CollarLead LLC
Katy has been a terrific help! I’m not sure how long she has been with you doing what she does and I’d almost given up on Prophet due to the lack of such help combined with the previous glitches in Prophet. But now, I think we are going to proceed forward and try to implement more Prophet features in our business.
Mike Mudie
Design Materials
I just wanted to pass along my appreciation for the support Katy has provided during our roll out of Prophet. She has been professional and responsive to our questions.
Keith Wright
Columbia Medical
Marisa was awesome today.
Brian Hanson
Hanson Sports
Chris has answered many calls from me over the years. He is truly a professional employee that is committed to excellent customer satisfaction. I’m technical enough to be very dangerous. Chris has calmed my fears immensely.
Dennis R Ederer
Money Concepts Financial Planning Center
Katy is a VERY good service provider. Within an hour, she came back with an answer and had Picasa style screen shots and a detailed answer, plus a follow-up answer. My experience with Avidian has been very good so far – Kudos!
Stefan Lagmark
Lagmark & Grinshpan
Jon did a great job even with a couple of road block thrown in his way. Nicely done.
Joe Gill
CMS Mechanical Services, Inc.
I just wanted to say thank you to Shawn for his gracious attitude and superior knowledge on the Prophet system. I am lucky to have his support as I attempt to get our office up and running.
Holly Harvey-Smith
Devin did a good job! Give him an early mark for being a good boy.
Colin Ferguson
Investment House
Katy does an excellent job. She is always focused, has smooth transitions, uses clear instructions, and is very good at pointing to the area of the program she is referring to on the screen so I know where/how to do something that she is demonstrating. She also has done some follow-up to specific questions I have had and has come through reliably. Too often an employee of a corporation is just doing what it takes to get paid, but Katy seems to genuinely care that we understand how to use the Prophet program to its fullest.
Heather Langton
TLC Design/Build Remodeling, Inc.
I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your prompt and knowledgeable tech support. This was a big reason we chose your company over others.
Barbara Kauffman
Katy and Marissa have been prompt, professional and very helpful to us at The Lipo and Laser Center. We appreciate them.
Kari Schneider
The Lipo and Laser Center
Great follow-up and support. Thanks and keep it up!
Mark Dmochowski
Georgia Gas Distributors, Inc
Chad did a wonderful remote support session with us today. He solved our problem in a matter of minutes and our user is very happy again.
Gary Engler
Compu-Net Systems, LLC
Just want to let you know how impressed I am with Jon Cuenca’s skill and service – he deserves a lot of credit.
Ron Kordof
Kordof Corporation
I just wanted to let you know that Katy was willing to take the time to answer my questions in a nice email – very promptly and professionally done! Thanks for keeping your folks motivated to give excellent service – I am already bragging about Prophet to anyone who cares to listen.
Stefan Lagmark
Lagmark & Grinshpan
Just wanted to drop you a quick note of appreciation for Katy. She was both professional and personable and the training she provided was very helpful.
Paul Giller
Healthex Courier
The training with Katy was wonderful. She was organized and able to answer my questions. This is a great service you provide.
Barbara Kauffman
Jon Cuenca was very helpful and new exactly what needed to be done.
John De La Rosa
TMPG Media Innovation
Worked with Chris. He’s very good, very solid, very helpful- I love your software and your tech support has not let me down. Thanks!
Richard Alexander

Chad assisted me today and was very professional, and courteous. I had experienced problems with Contact Manager and he was very thorough in resolving the issue.
Craig Stevenson
Air Care Limited
I requested some help today. I received a prompt email reply back and a call from Chris shortly thereafter. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and fixed the issue in a couple of minutes. Avidian has been terrific the two times I have requested help, and this time was no exception. Chris was absolutely on the ball, helpful and a friendly person. Thanks again! I have recommended Avidian to several of my small business friends.
Donn Ingels
I would like to tell you that Katy Kirwan more than exceeded the expectations of American Security Bank today. Katy was prepared, professional and obviously understood the product extremely well. In addition, she had the foresight to suggest that we send her export files of our Opportunity Manager so that the drop-down screens used during training were what our group will be using as the product is implemented. She was able to respond to questions and very adaptable when we needed to interject comments that helped our group better understand certain functions of Prophet as they relate to how we will use them. Katy represented your product very well and those in the training session walked away impressed by the Bank’s choice of Prophet and by Prophet’s ease-of-use and abilities.
Cynthia Schneider
American Security Bank
Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I was with my technician, Jon. He was very knowledgeable, kind, and especially patient when it came to troubleshooting my problem - which wasn't easy due to my old computer giving me problems retrieving the required files. I continue to be very happy with the Prophet software and the customer service.
Jennifer Hawthorne
Hawthorne Davis Development, LLC
Katy was very informative and professional. I appreciate her time and expertise. She did an outstanding job!
Debra Daniels
Key Benefits Insurance Agency, Inc.
LOVE Katy! She has a great way of explaining things. And she gets back to you immediately!
Lynn Courtade

Katy went above and beyond with my follow up questions. I received responses from her very quickly and it helped me to continue with my day.
Jennifer Newcomer
Sierra Chemicals, L.C.
I wanted to express my thanks to Chris Smigielski ,Technical Support Engineer for superb assistance in resolving my problem with Prophet.
David Marshall, PhD, ACC
Cruises Inc.
Chris solved my tech support problem within minutes. And he was very friendly and put me quickly in touch with Mark so I can start an evaluation of Prophet. He definitely exceeded my expectations.
Jan Wallen
LinkedIn Works!
Chad did a great job dealing with me as a novice user of Prophet, and as someone with limited savvy as it relates to servers, exchange servers, software, etc. He displayed patience but also authority in his explanation and suggestions. I was also very pleased that he followed up with an email as he said he would and included my sales representative as part of my instruction in his response.
Paul R. Huffman
National Accounts Manager
Your man Jon was very prompt and professional in taking care of my issue today. He scheduled a time for me tomorrow but then had a hole in his schedule and fixed it in about 5 mins this evening!
Dave Farinholt
Blue Ridge Insurance & Title Agency
Very helpful and polite…even though I could tell she was very busy. Great on the phone!
Janet Castle
Weatherford Laboratories
Jon was very helpful in providing me with the information I needed to move my Prophet server.
Jeff Snyder
Au Bon Pain – IT
I'd like to commend Marisa for her quick response to my email inquiry. Within minutes of my sent email I found a return email filled with all the information that I requested and more! She delivered more than expected and in record time! Thank you!
Cindy Neibert
Waxie Sanitary Supply
The last few days Devin exceeded my expectations.
Jaco Geense
Crystal concepts
With a simple Email, Devin found the problem for my computer. I consider it excellent service.
Scott Barnett
Scott Barnett Consulting
Everett did an excellent job fielding my questions. I appreciate that.
Dana Emch
American Augers, Inc.
I wanted to take a minute to let you know that Jon Cuenca was a lot of help. We spoke on the phone on Monday trying to resolve the issues that I have been having while trying to generate a report. Jon realized that we might have to uninstall prophet and reinstall. We set up an appointment for a call today. He called me on time, and helped me to address my problems in a timely manner. I really appreciate his help, and wanted to let you know.
Leslie Tommerup
BCCK Engineering, Inc.
I consistently receive feedback/responses very quickly from Katy. What a GREAT thing!
Laura Casey
Sigma Management Group, Inc
I am very glad to report you about the excellent support that I got by Chris Smigielski. Chris gave me all the support necessary by mail, by phone and remote access. Chris is a very hands on man and also with a particular attention “person to person”. Congratulation to you company to have a person like Chris working in you.
José Mazullo
Polo Films
Devin is helping us solve a few basic shortcoming when using the search functions. He has been responsive and very pro-active.
Andrew Falci
Noble Medical, Inc
Katy did an excellent job on her tutorials. I have been on 3 or 4 this past week and each one of them has been delivered with the same clarity and thoroughness. She’s terrific. Thanks.
Kate Sheehy
OneSource Building Technologies
I was very pleased with Devin Constantine's response. With a basic description of events leading up to our problem he provided a procedure which resolved our problem straight up.
William Wood
National Kitchen & Bath Association
Jon Cuenca was very helpful in resolving our Prophet conflicts.
Brittany Cavarra
Petroleum Field Services
I had the pleasure of working with Katy Kirwan on training today. Her presentation was not only comprehensive, but presented in a clear and concise fashion. My experience with all the representatives to date have been above expectation.
Paul Raeder
TLM Logistics
Once again Katy came through with excellent assistance to my questions about making some changes in my Prophet fields.
J. Paul Doherty
Omega Staffing Solutions, LLC
I just want to tell you how awesome it has been to deal with Avidian. Thanks for the training this afternoon it was also a real treat. It was so refreshing to actually have a Software company that didn’t hide behind their pay call center. Like those other guys do…!Keep up the great work you have a customer for life.
Paul DeJong C.E.T.
Northern Dynamics
I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for Katy Kirwan’s excellent service to me. I really appreciate her work.
May Almario
Incito Consulting Group
Katy is absolutely fabulous. She is training me while not treating me like an idiot!!!! And she has been very responsive.
Mitchell Orlowsky
Clean Room Cleaning
Jon followed up today earlier than expected which was very helpful –he resolved the problem quickly and efficiently and was most polite.
Kevin Burleson
Devin worked on a difficult support ticket with me for Overby-Seawell and did a great job. I have been very pleasantly surprised at how professional, courteous and efficient your support staff are. Kudos to your team!
Sheila Hunt
PC Easy
We recently signed up for Avidian Prophet on demand and found George to be knowledgeable and extremely helpful through the process. Give him an "A"
Michael Rehwaldt
Amer. Conservative Union
I just wanted to note the Jon Cuenca was quite helpful with my question.
Brett Hasbrouck
Hayn Enterprises, LLC
A note to let you know that Jon was very helpful, in a timely manner.
Cany Wallace
Lowell Corp
Jon assisted us over two tech support calls, working with three different users and a technical rep from MTNW’s outsourced IT provider to get this issue resolved. He was punctual with his calls, focused with his work, and a pleasure to talk with. He quickly identified the problems, and resolved each of them to get our system back up and running. Thanks and kudos to Jon. He’s an asset to your organization, especially as a customer-facing staff member.
Rick Burke
Measurement Technology NW
Chad is amazing. I could not have done our implementation without him.
Mitchell Orlowsky
Clean Room Cleaning
I’ve had a couple support calls with Jon Cuenca, and he’s been able to help me with every Prophet issue I’ve encountered. I am very pleased with all the support we’ve received. Thank you.
Krystian Gorecki
H&A eDiscovery
I bought the personal one person version, downloaded it, but hit a glitch in the set up. Within a very short period of time, I got an email from Chris Smigielski, who promised to touch base soon. We connected the next day and within minutes Chris was able to remotely control my laptop, find the problem, solve it, and a new believer was made. In a day and age when customer service seems to be a thing of the past, like gas stations that pump gas for you, while cleaning the windows, Avidian has a winning team of great software and excellent service. Thank you!
Jeff Arnette
Old Dominion Consultants
I’d say your team responds in a very timely, helpful, and personalized manner.
Tom Zbaren
20-20 Foresight Executive Marketing & Job Finding
I just wanted to let you know that Chris successfully assisted me in resolving my technical issue. I appreciated the prompt response and excellent customer service.
Adizat Animashaun
Klassy Kreations
Katy did a wonderful job of follow-up on a recent question about the Opportunity Manager. She is a great representation of your company.
John Fisher
Fisher Philanthropic
Katy Kirwin did a great job with the advanced training seminar this morning.
Stephen I. McLemore
Surface Equipment Corp.
Katy's response was ligthning fast and concise. We do look forward to a continously improving Prophet.
Guillermo Limon
NaturaExtracta, S.A. de C.V.
Chris S. did a great job on the support call to me today. Personable, clear, and informed. He answered all three questions directly and guided me through a reinstall of the SQL engine and refreshing the Registry.
Ron Person
Tor Consulting, Inc.
Katy Kirwan has been our trainer on the last two sessions and I cannot say enough about her professionalism and expertise. She has addressed the issues that we have presented, provided us with a very global and specific view on the program and has addressed all the issues we have raised. All this in a very skilled and proficient fashion with patience and expertise. Katy is a very positive representative of your organization and we greatly appreciate all of her efforts.
Paul A. Raeder
TLM Logistics
I got a call following up on an email I had sent in for tech support. Devin is the one that called and I have two quick bits of feedback about him: Thank you for calling me! I had been experiencing a good deal of frustration due to not being able to log in just before he called. He quickly (about 2 minutes), and professionally, got me back up and running, knowing exactly what to tell me to do.
Duncan Peterson
REIC The Financial Firm
Chris was a breath of fresh air, for I have work with a number of software techs this last month in other companies but chris was very personable, clear, nonjudmental and upbeat which was refreshing. Thank you for providing help of this nature, it makes such a favorable impression.
Ted Whited
Puget Sound Coffee Roasters
I wanted to make sure I commend Jon’s work on my support issue. He was very informative, helpful and most importantly, resolved my Search Tool problem. Avidian is lucky to have Jon on their support team! He makes a great difference.
Maria Edwards
Ateb, Inc
I sent an e-mail and called and within 15 mins. Katy Kirwin responded and gave me not one but two options both of the being very clear and direct instructions ( I need that because I am not so computer savy). So Katy did exceeded my expectations today and I wanted you to know.
MikeH George
EGM San Francisco
Absolutely exceeded my expectations…every time in fact!
Lisa LePage
Enterprise Fredericton
You went above and beyond your duties to find this out for us and all of us here really appreciate it!
Greg Rizos
Catbridge Machinery
Katy Kirwan just helped us with questions regarding report manager in Prophet. She answered all our questions and was most helpful. We appreciate her help and support. Thank you.
Mary Jane Hathaway
Ledet Enterprises, Inc.
Jon was vey efficient at determining the issue and sending a request on to your dev dept
Joseph d. Pate
Accel Inc
Thank you for your help. You exceeded my expectations.
Mike Marable
One Point Planning,LLC
Thanks for your help today. All I can say is Wow!
Tony Alaniz
Hidden Damage claims Group, LLC
I submitted a question regarding a problem I was having with Prophet. The problem was addressed in an extremely timely fashion, and the Technical Support Engineer, Chris Smigielski, provided easy to follow effective steps that solved the problem. I really appreciate the effectiveness, the clarity and the speed of the service. I also find the tone to be friendly and helpful.
Laurence Bernstein
Protean Strategies
Just want to pass on that the support I received was spot on and Chris did a great job!
Kyle Forde
Just a note to say that I participated in a seminar today hosted by Katy Kirwan. She was very professional, clear and courteous. I also appreciate the info she sent out after the seminar. So far I am impressed with the support provided by Avidian.
Doug Peters
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and in terms that I can understand!
Kirk Meintsma
Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors
Jon Cuenca did an excellent job troubleshooting my problem! He provided a solution with a professional and thorough approach. His time and efforts quickly restored the full functionality of the Prophet software for me to use in my business workflow. Please let him know how much I appreciated his help!
Bill Walter
A&R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Jon Cuenca was very helpfully with my problems with Prophet.
Calvin Yoo
PB Industries, Inc
Jon Cuenca solved our problem quickly when I was expecting to be on the phone forever.
Matt Bowen
Applied Medical
Jon responded and did a great job in getting me fixed up.
Dick Mueller
Synergy Group, LLC
You probably hear this regularly, but I just wanted to say thanks for making this process so painless. I also wanted to confirm what you already know, that you have a great asset in Katy Kirwan. Patient, pleasant, competent, wish we had her on our team.
Ron Garrett
Thank you for having Chad give me a quick call. The response time was excellent and Chad quickly explained my problem. Thanks for your service!
Carol Nelson
Southwest Mobile Sto
Katy did a fabulous job she really knows her stuff! I feel very comfortable using Avidian Prophet after having the GoTo Meeting and demonstration from Katy today.
Sherrie Miara
Avancen MOD Corporation
Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt & professional service. I recently dealt with John C, who was very patient and responsive. I have always had a good experience whenever interacting with Avidian staff.
Sean King
JDV Equipment Corporation
Devin is da man!!!
Roger Kohl

Katy did a great job on the initial training today. She had a good grasp of what was wanted whether from a layman’s questions for industry use or from IT.
Keith Paplham
CRG Holdings, LLC
I was very pleased with Devin’s help regarding the fact that my computer has disabled Avidian. He followed up with me to set an appointment that would work with my schedule, and despite the fact that I am not the greatest with computers, he explained everything clearly so that we could get my program back up and running; not to mention the fact that he didn’t make me feel stupid because I’m not a whiz kid with computers!
Desiree' Julian
A big thumbs up for Chris! He was great in helping me sort out an issue I was having....especially nice as it was me not fully understanding the program
Sam Scanlan
Erikson Commercial
Our session with Katy was very good, well run and informative. The live questions and answers was very helpful.
Michael R. Weisberg
M-Core Credit Corporation
Shawn did an excellent job of getting two of us up and inducted into the prophet software, he is a great asset.
Kathy Loftus
Cornerstone Development
Katy did an excellent job at our first user training session today. She is very knowledgeable about the product and is very professional in her training style.
Dale E. Bramer
. Chris went above and beyond expectations to get my software up and running. He had to do some real digging to find the issue. He resolved it quickly and professionally and even offered me some advice for my IT folks to look into on my machine. Thank you for the great service!!
Dean R. Gregg
Brothers LaZer Service, Inc.
Katy K. is GREAT! She always replies to my questions right away, I am not so savvy when it comes to computers and she always explains in a way that is easy for me to understand , and if I still don’t get it she breaks it down some more . She is patient and that is appreciated.
MikeH George
EGM San Francisco
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am both with the software but more importantly with the Avidian Service. We have Prophet up and running and its been great and will only be greater. I especially thank Katy and Chad but I know there are a lot of people behind the scenes that help them help us.
Mitchell Orlowsky
Clean Room Cleaning
Just wanted to let you know that I am quite happy with the support I've received from Shawn!
Geoffrey H. Verge
Big Sy Call Centers
Chris helped me yesterday with setting up your service for my companies specific situation. He listened well he educated and gathered my information professionally and suggested what looks to me to be the best way to apply your services.
Jeff Shick
(BIG) Business Incentives Group, llc.
Chris is becoming a legend in service and support!
Dave Barton
Just a note to let you know that Jon Cuenca handled our problem efficiently and promptly.
Dick Johnston
Mountainside LLC
My hard drive crashed and Chris did a great job of getting me going again!
Robert Meyer
Investment Wealth Solutions
Jon did an excellent job of undoing my mistakes and re-installing Prophet 5.0 and my data base. Thank you.
William McCubbin
Hanson Commercial Group
Kathy is GREAT!!
Rick Duplichan
Letsos Company
I just wanted to say outstanding class, very informative and look forward to future classes via Prophet
Ken Mathews
A+ Career Apparel
Thank you so very much for your help; your expertise was impressive. You most definitely exceeded my expectations.
Brian Carroll
Universal SmartComp
Chris did an excellenet job today. He was very professional and pleasant and although we didn't solve the problem he did elliminate my concerns that it might be a Prophet issue.
Mike Liddell
Lean Scheduling
Just wanted to drop a line of appreciation and give kudos to Devin Constantine. He assisted me and a co-worker with problems we were experiencing with the Prophet software. He was very cordial, helpful and patient. For the most part, good customer service seems to have gone "the way of the buffalo" these is very refreshing to come in contact with those who are helpful, are not condescending and have the right attitude...and I couldn't resist the opportunity to thank him not only for his assistance, but especially for the manner in which he provided it. We appreciate it very much!
Sheryl Jones
Hutchings Court Reporters, LLC
Thanks, Chris! Excellent step by step instructions for moving Prophet 5.0 and data to a new laptop. This will help tremendously.
Wade Fouts
Fouts Properties Group LLC
My sincere thanks and appreciation for the effort Jon put forth on my problem today. I really appreciate the effort.
Dennis R. Ederer
Money Concepts Financial Planning Center
Just wanted to let you know, I really appreciate all the excellent support I have received from Chris.
Bruce Oliver
EnterTech Security
Jon has been GREAT about following up and getting on line with us. Even though we are on the East Coast I appreciate him contacting us at what would be 6 am for your guys
Robin Reid
Lake Street Advisors, LLC
I had a support call from Jon yesterday to help us restore the connection from one of our workstations to the Prophet Server. I found Jon to be extremely efficient and thorough at diagnosing the issues and then implementing the solution. We were back up and running within a matter of minutes. Coincidentally, we have just upgraded to the Gold Support package, and with the efficient response that we experienced on this latest call, I have no doubt that that this was a great decision for our company.
Jason Yip
Greenfield Benefits Inc.
Shawn helped us today install Prophet OnDemand. He was excellent!!!
Bob Hawkins
A-B Distributing Corp.
Chris did a great job helping me. I had a situation that only your techs could fix and he patiently worked through it with me.
David W. Bloom
Clinic Resource Group, Inc
Chad, thank you very much for your friendly and professional assistance you provided me with today.
Doug Elliott
I just wanted to know that Katy did an excellent job with the Biosero online training session, which involved all of our sales rep users. Everything was covered and clearly explained, and this helped us tremendously to get ourselves going with Prophet.
Jim Schools
Biosero, LLC
I just wanted to let you know that he was very helpful and patient with us. I really appreciated it!
Theresa Skeels
KAYU-TV Fox 28
I bought the Avidian product awhile back and I am very happy with it and the company. Of particular note is the help Chris Smigielski offered on a simple configuration issue I was having today.
Mark Munsey
Fenderbenders, Inc
I would like you to know that Ms. Marisa Scheckel Client Services Coordinator / Technical Trainer responded to my email in a timely fashion and correctly and appropriately answered my questions.
Rohan Deal
Aid Ltd.
Just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for your continued outstanding service and support. The email from Chris with regards to how to migrate my prophet data onto a new machine and also where to get a prophet 5 download file was first class and very prompt. It just further reinforces my belief that I bought the right CRM the first time out.
Simon Berry-Hill
Gemini Press
Chris Smigielski does a great job and is a pleasure to work with thank you in advance.
Bill Yergler
Chris Smigielski, did a great job in responding quickly to my problem and supplying me with the info I needed to get operational again with Prophet. Thank you for the good work, Chris.
Roumen B. Kordof
Kordof Corporation
I had what I thought was a major problem with Prophet. Chris cracked the nut on his first recommendation. Very professional with advice that is easy to follow – a great job.
Bill Dillard
Archangel Systems, Inc.
Chris Smigielski, Marisa Scheckel and Amanda Buslach were all easy to work with and Chris eventually solved my issue. I did like how Chris and Maris took control of my computer in their efforts to identify the root cause.
Michael bredal
Action Products, Inc.
I’ve had some excellent support from Chris Smigielski.
Rob Karsten
Phoseon Technology Europe
My associates and I were very pleased with the time and attention that Jon delivered in the course of resolving our technical problem.
Eric Beckerman
Bluewater Media
Enjoyed Katy’s intro training this morning. Thanks for offering this as I am excited about using this product!
Laura M. Olvera
Value Healthcare Consulting, LLC
I would like to acknowledge Marisa for exceptional customer service in assisting me in coordinating our Prophet implementation training. She has been very helpful and professional in every way.
Bruce Wright
Airco Commercial Services
I like to commend Chris for his excellent support today. He smoothly fixed the installation problem, was very kind and courteous on the phone and called me at exactly the time as agreed. I was very pleased with the overall service and the result.
Peter Buerger

Just a quick note to say that Chris is a rock star. He helped me solve my problem quickly and patiently while I pulled my hair out. You have a good one there.
Fred Rotermund
Akshar Plastic Recycling
It is always a pleasure to work with Devin Constantine; he is extremely professional, knowledgeable and fun to work with! I greatly appreciate his support
Francis Mackin
Rail Europe, Inc.
That makes the weekend a little more stress free. Great response time and the right answer first time!
Harry Rhodes
deFacto Global
Excellent and knowledgeable service, as always with Jon. Called 7 minutes in advance of scheduled time and was able to get me up and going with in minutes.
Larry Greene
Southgate Glass
I would just like to say that Chris was most helpful and patient and resolved my issue professionally without any fuss.
Tim Porch
Dream Essentials, LLC
Again, Jon helped me twice today (He actually replied to this issue prior to Devin contacting me via phone) and was spot on. Devin’s follow up was the proper sort of overkill a support company should run into; had I any issues I’m sure he could have resolved them.
Ryan Walker
Just a short note to let you know that Chris did a yeoman’s job getting prophet up and running on my PC with MS office 2010.
Roger Bullock
Baldor Electric Company
I want to take this opportunity to let you know that Gary Wills has been very helpful in the transitioning process (from Goldmine to Prophet) and has done a tremendous job in answering my interrogative (possibly pesky) questions. He and his team (Katy, Marisa and Devin) made it a joy to work with the Prophet and really helped me customize it for our company. I am looking forward to solidifying our relationship with the Prophet and we will be happy to recommend your product to our friends and colleagues (but of course not to our competitors as we wouldn’t want them to have a competitive advantage, would we?). Once again, kudos for having Gary as a valued team member of your firm. I believe he adds a lot of value to Avidian Technologies.
Michael Going
Eclipse Capital Management
I just want to let you know how fortunate Avidian is to have Chris for your Technical support! He is thorough, professional, and very helpful.
Ingrid Otteson
Strategy 360
Chris did a great job helping me today. Stayed on the line until it was fixed.
Steve O'Neil

I received EXACTLY the help I needed for the Avidian Prophet support that I requested.
Luke Varn
Carolina Benefits Solutions, Inc.
This was my first support call with Prophet, so my prior experience is only with other vendor support groups. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Chad was knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. He solved the issue and did so in consideration of my time rather than his. A very pleasant experience; the bar has been raised.
Benjamin T. Bishop
Caprin Asset Management, LLC
Thanks, Chad for your response and expeditious assistance. Looking forward to purchasing the product and knowing that the tech support is fantastic if needed again!
Jeff Hicks
North American Fire Hose Corporation
Devin: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your patient persistence in resolving my installation problems. You calm, sure demeanor is the only thing that kept me from being really anxious about losing the support that Prophet provides my business. I don’t know if you really believe it when you say, “If it wasn’t hard, it wouldn’t be fun.,” but it really made me feel like you were going to grind it out.
Michael J. Loader
LSA Pros
Devin has been very, very helpful to me! I’m surprised at the thoroughness of his responses and willingness to help. He doesn’t just give a cursory response and then wait for more questions. He tries to cover all the bases up front. I’m am very pleasantly surprised at the support I’m getting for a product I purchased over a year ago (but didn’t put to full use until now). I had almost assumed that I may need up switching products but with his support I’m thinking this fits our needs.
John Henson
Glen White Associates
Shawn did a good job seeing us through the install this morning. He seems very knowledgeable and assisted us when things didn’t work out as expected.
Graham Thomas
ANZ Mobile Lending
I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for the assistance Chris provided me with this afternoon and a little while back. I have now installed prophet on two systems and Chris managed to make things work even though my system was causing difficulties. I appreciate the persistence in working through these challenges as his efforts have definitely made life a lot easier for me and my team.
Greg Stirrett
Respiratory Homecare Solutions Inc.
I just wanted to send a quick note to say how wonderful Chris was to help us with a recent issue on Prophet. We kept running into issues unrelated to the Prophet software, yet Chris was so patient and understanding and took several different issues and helped us resolve them all. He could not have been more professional and kind in helping us. I am not computer literate when it comes to the hardware side, and yet, Chris gave very clear instructions both on the phone and written in order to assist us.
Melissa A. Krantz
Knestrick Contractor, Inc.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention to you the stellar job that Katy Kirwan has done in helping us as we implement your software. She consistently goes above and beyond the service level that we would expect. Unfortunately in today’s business climate, it’s uncommon to encounter such dedication. Yesterday (which was Memorial Day) I had a question, and emailed it to her, in hopes that she’d get back to me sometime on Tuesday. To my surprise, she immediately responded and gave me contact information for your service department. She then explained that it wouldn’t be until Tuesday until we’d hear from them, since you were off for the holiday. I was blown away. To even get any response on a holiday weekend was amazing and truly sets her apart. Today, our IT rep was concerned about a code he’d read in our service ticket. Katy reached out to him and walked him though next steps and set him up with someone in your service department. Regardless of your stance on cloning humans, I can assure you that if it was allowed, people like Katy are the type of employees we all wish that we could clone.
Karen Goumakos
Reagan Outdoor Advertising of Austin
Hi Devin provided a well outlined fix for a registration issue I was experiencing. The issue appears to have been rectified. Instructions were clear and easy to follow.
Graham Thomas
ANZ Mobile Lending
Quick note to thank Chris for his efforts, fantastic email support!
Tony Dandridge
Saber Analytics
My Prophet OnDemand wasn’t initializing, so I contacted your tech support by email and got a prompt response from Chris Smigielski which fixed my problem.
Andy Horsnell
Acadia Centre for Social & Business Entrepreneurship
Just a quick note of thanks for the patient and persistent service I received from Chris Smigielski. He worked diligently to correct a serious problem with my database and got me up and running on the new version of Prophet. I don’t know the names but he did say that programmers and QA folks were helping him with this so please express my appreciation to them as well.
Michael J. Loader
LSA Pros
The instructions I received to correct the problem were clear and easy to follow. Sorted it all out in minutes. Terriffic!
Ian Mann
Gatheways Business Consultants
Chris Smigielski always gets my problem fixed and knows what he is doing..Thanks.
Duane Rumski
ADT Advanced Integration Division
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the tech support that we receive from Avidian. You save me over and over again!
Stephanie Elia
Evergreen Tropical Interiors, Inc.
This is an email to let you know that Chris Smigielski did a really great job in working with me to resolve an issue I had with Prophet V. I found him very knowledgeable and skilled. I also found him patient and able to answer my questions at the level that I needed them answered. As an entrepreneur of 30 years I have spoken with a lot of technical reps over the years. Chris is the one that I ask for each time as I have been using your product for 18 months. When I meet a good and competent person, I stay with them and ask for them by name.He represents your organization exceptionally well.
Tod Gerardo
Accord Career Services LLC
I just wanted to let you know that Katy has been very diligent in notifying me when certain training needed to be done and coordinating a time that works for our Team Members. I appreciate her efforts.
Sylvia Folger
J&S Construction Co., Inc.
Shawn, you have exceeded all expectations here today!
Andrew T Huston
Caduceus International Publishing Inc.
Chris was very professional in dealing with my installation challenges and was able to resolve my installation issues. Yesterday, after puchasing Prophet and experiencing issues from the very beginning I felt frustrated and considered asking for a refund. Chris' professionalism and his ability to quickly resolve my issues has now created a very positive impression of Avidian and their attention to customer service.
Gilles Essiambre
Devin was very helpful and persistent today in helping us resolve a problem with Prophet’s report function – I’m sure he has written it up but it was a little more involved than probably he or we expected and he did a very nice, patient and thorough job of fixing the problem.
Alan R. Blake
Fiduciary Partners, Inc.
I had a problem that Christopher Lee solved for me. I expected that support would do that. Christopher’s manner was patient and helpful beyond what I expected, and I appreciated that.
Ian Mann
Gateways Business Consultants
Just a quick note to let you know that your tech support provided by Christopher Lee was very effective, efficient and cheerfully provided. Thank you.
Roumen B. Kordof
Kordof Corporation
Just wanted to thank Chris for his help getting me up and running. I was having trouble installing because of a conflict with ACT (which I no longer even use). He responeded with emails, called me when he said he would, quickly solved my installation problem in 15 minutes, pointed me to training, and helped me get going today.
Vincent C. Racioppo
Center for Expert Performance, Inc.
Just a quick note to let you know that Chris has been working to help me with some technical problems. He has been a pleasure to deal with and solved the problem for me.
Bob McConnell
McConnell Family
Chris has been very helpful in getting me up and running. Explained things very clearly which is a pleasant experience for once, compared to other companies.
Kim Chalmers
Radical Business Limited
Thank you again for today’s training, it was very informative and easy to follow!
Michelle Pauchnik
Columbus Solutions
I just want to congratulate Chris and Avidian on excellent service. My technical issues were resolved promptly.
David Tivey
VRS Pty Ltd
Thanks for the outstanding service and technical support.
Jodi Frank
Keystone Safety Supply
Chad is unbelievably helpful in resolving my Prophet issues/questions; I look forward to working with him again
Francis Mackin
Rail Europe, Inc.
Christopher did an amazing job in handling my issue concerning the set up of my new system. I am technology challenged, to say the least. Christopher was more than patient and spoke in terms that I could understand.
Karol Mercurio
Franchise Destinations
Thank you. Yes, you have exceeded my expectations.
Shahpar Naghshineh
CUSO Financial Services, L.P.
Chris was outstanding today in helping us get this up and running.
Joey Moon
A+ Career Apparel
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the response I got from Katy.
Leanna Wynn
The Cleaning Company, Inc.
Great support by Chris. He is a GENIUS! And much appreciated.
Bob Bianchi
Productivity Partners, Inc.
Christopher Lee's patience and attention to detail are second to none. He is definitely an asset to your staff.
Kevin Thompson
Always Safe & Healthy
Chrisopher Lee exceeded my expectations. He followed up unsolicited on an earlier support matter – good work .
Tony Twiss
Graffiti-Guard Services Limited
Christopher was extremely patient and helpful today in resolving an Outlook/Prophet issue I was having. He is an asset to your team.
Karen Laudadio
Newport Coast Pathology Inc.
Christopher Lee had excellent service and great personality
Carl Guerra
MIS, Inc.
Thanks for Christopher Lee’s prompt and accurate response. It’s very reassuring to get answers quickly to problems raised and goes a long way to enforcing the view that Avidian are a reliable company to purchase from.
Keith Dale
Kisska Design
Thanks for the follow up. The service call was quick and painless. Thanks for the help!!
Shmuel Shayowitz
Approved Funding
I just want to take a moment to say how much I appreciated my exchange with Christopher Lee today, as I’m setting up my new Prophet system in Outlook. He got back to me well within the 2 hour timeframe I knew to expect, and stayed with the issue, offering several new suggestions each time. I almost didn’t sign up for Prophet because phone support is not included, but am much more optimistic about being able to use it for my customer relationship management because of this first support experience.
Sharon Stenger
Fresh Start Coach
Chad and Chris were both polite, professional and cool to talk to. They helped me fast and efficiently.
Patrick O'Neill
IFS Group
Just a note to let you know I was very satisfied with the help Christopher Lee gave to me. The document with the procedure I needed did just the job I needed done.
William Wood
National Kitchen & Bath Association
Thanks Chad for the excellent service today.
Rit Branchaud
Professionally Diversified Financial Portfolios
Christopher has been superb. Every ticket has been answered as well as some follow-up emails. My particular IT situation is a bit quirky and Christopher has been great at providing feedback on my workaround ideas.
Larry Lee
AMN Healthcare, Inc.
Just a quick note to let you know that Devin has been very helpful over the last several days. He is definitely an asset to your company.
David Fredericks
Devin was very helpful
Don L. Six Jr.
Move It Now
Chris did a good job in helping us today.
Dwayne Hood
Trucking Partners, LLC
Christopher Lee gave very good service, he know what he was doing and quickly corrected the situation as I know it.
John Wienecke
Dynamic Evolution
Chris Lee was precisely punctual with our appointment today and surgical in finding the problem and fixing it. The tech session could not have gone any better.
David Brower
Poppo, LLC
Many thanks for the prompt and excellent support from Chrostopher Lee.
Bill Cooper
Luminous Technologies Ltd.
Excellent -thank you for the quick response Christopher.
Armin Maier
Armin Maier & Associates, Inc
As previously, Chris Lee answered my questions quickly and clearly. He offered explanation as to the why/how, so I’m not likely to re-experience the same difficulty.
Tim Wright
Wright Results
Chris Lee’s service was excellent!!
Dave D'Agosta
Technology Segue
Thank you for your prompt response and accurate descriptions, a customer service that works!!
Dave Middleton
TH Plastics
Chad helped us out in transferring Avidian to a new server and resolving a company sync issue. We appreciate the assistance, he was very helpful and fast to respond.
Andrew Puffer
KGO Group Ltd.
Service was great.
Bruce Bates
I wanted to thank you for selecting Katy to do the training class. She was outstanding, believe me computers, software and technology are not my friends... I am clueless when it comes to this sort of thing. I did appreciate how simple katy made it and I am able to navigate flawlessly. I am happy we chose your company and Katy.
Jo Ann Rooney
EAP Management/KFC
Christopher Lee was very helpful; patient and knowledgeable. I was extremely impressed with the service.
Matthew Noel Hibbins
MNH Para Planning
Chris Lee is patient and extremely knowledgeable.
James M. Bermudez
What a tremendous resource – when I have a problem, you folks and Chris are right there. Excellent customer service
Brian C Shutts
Just a note to let you know that both Chis and Chad have been of great help whenever I need it. They are very knowledgeable in Prophet and patient with me as I learn it.
Stephen Oliveto
Just wanted to let you know that Christopher Lee was “Right On” with his solutions to my issues this morning. I appreciate the timely response. From Sales to Service, my experience with Avidian has been a good one.
Jerry Katz
BroadView Software
Chris did an excellent job for me. He was pleasant and knowledgeable and very efficient! Thank you so much.
Carol Jones
New Mexico Investment Advisors
I was just assisted by Christopher Lee on a technical issue and really appreciate the great job he did. He was eager to help, thorough and methodical in doing so, and just did a phenomenal job. I was anxious about losing my data, but he kept me comfortable by the simple confidence he conveyed. Issue was smoothly resolved and once again I have nothing but great things to say about prophet. I can’t thank you enough for his great service.
Alexander L. Cardona
Chad helped me with my tech issue and as always he did a great job in a timely manner.
Ilena Sorge
Delia Associates
I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that Chris was exceptional with his technical skills and also with his attitude. I previously had Sage Act and had a few occasions to contact technical support. The difference between Sage and Avidian is day and night. Chris treated my problem as if I were the most important client you have. I have only been a client for about one and a half weeks. He quickly deduced what was wrong and had me back up and running in short order. I would also like to mention Amanda in training. She took my initial call on Tuesday before Thanksgiving and worked with me via phone for about one hour. We connected again via phone on Wednesday and tried a few other things- none of which worked. She followed up today, Monday the 29th and after a short time put me in touch with Chris. If all of your staff is as professional as these two, you are blessed indeed. I am the Western Regional Manager of a very large water/wastewater/air pollution treatment company. We will very probably have others on staff be Avidian clients too. Your staff has proven that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Thank you sincerely.
Chris Lee did an excellent job ironing out two troublesome Client installations of Prophet Professional today. It was tedious and time consuming but he was very patient, professional and stuck with it until everything appears to be installed properly.
Meryl Lee
Christopher Lee exceeded my expectation last week while stepping me through the new user setup. He was very helpful, patient and informative…just what I needed.
Katy Stewart
Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that Katy did a fine job in the training today. As one that demo’s software on line, it’s nice to see someone handle the flow as easily as she did. Well Done!
Jerry Katz
BroadView Software
I wanted to let you know that Chris helped me out with a problem I had with Prophet and did a great job. His instructions were right on, and he responded quickly.
Christopher Macomber

I am speechless, words alone can't express my gratitude! My entire experience with Prophet from when I first started using it, to any questions I was having have been handled way above first rate. Not only has the product surpassed my expectations, but the entire Avidian Team has blown my expectations away!
Bard Lengkeek

My sincere thanks must go to you and your organization. You have certainly exceeded expectations in support and we now have prophet up and away. Again my sincere thanks for your unswerving effort- well done
Joe Galea
Condor manufacturing Pty Ltd
I really appreciated the help and knowledgeable work of Chris Lee to solve my problem (SQL Server installation, Windows 7, non US OS). I enjoyed the best first line support ever.
Michael Stundner
myr:conn solutions
Just want to drop you a note to let you know that I am very pleased with the service provided by Devin
Ray Appleby

Thank you for your support Devin has done a great job
Motti Gill
Conlab Pty Ltd
I’m writing to let you know how pleased I am with the service I received from Christopher Lee. We had an issue with our Public Folders and he took lots of time over many weeks to get the issue resolved. There was many times when I didn’t think what we were trying to accomplish was possible, but he made sure it got taken care of.
Joshua E. Bretl
Financial Self Reliance
I wanted to let you know that Devin Constantine was really great when I was very impatient (send an email and then called until someone picked up which was Devin) and panicked thinking I lost all 2000 plus contacts from the prophet server this morning. He calmed my fears and let me know we could get the contacts back no problem and that I didn’t really clear the contacts from prophet.
Chris Myers
Swimcraft Pools, LLC
The technical end the support has been OUTSTANDING! Chris restored faith in my decision to go with Prophet and Avidian and he deserves enormous credit for his professional attitude and performance.
Len Murray
Happy & Healthy Products, Inc.
Chris exceeds any expectations I have ever had regarding technical support.
Robert Hockenhull

Today I had Christopher Lee help me with a problem on prophet. He was very knowledgeable and fast with my problem. He also had a positive attitude while helping, which I appreciated.
Leslie Tommerup
BCCK Engineering, Inc
Please tell Chad Shepherd that he did a great job with helping me yesterday.
John Harnett
DS Waters of America Inc.
Chris has the right personality for this job. He was kind, courteous, patient and professional on my issue with having a sequel server error when trying to load my eval version of Prophet. Hope you have more like him.
Jim Todd
Intellicare Network LLC
I just want to drop you a quick email to let you know I spoke with Shawn White this morning for the Implementation Kickoff for Phoenix Heliparts. What a pleasure! He was extremely patient, answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable. I am glad to be working on a project like implementing Prophet with Shawn. Great job!!
Sean Jones
Communication Concepts, Inc
Just wanted to let you know Amanda Buslach saved my life today with her help! For weeks, we’d been trying internally to figure out an issue with the report manager and pulling contacts and Amanda figured out the issue. It’s such a huge relief as we’re about to start a mass mailing and were missing almost 25% of our contacts prior to my help call with Amanda.
Jenny Sawin
Au Bon Pain
Amanda is right there for us, I am very happy with her.
Christina Lowery

Chris Smigielski has sent me email help that has been extremely helpful with this frustrating transfer. I just wanted to mention how quick and helpful he has been to me and my issues.
J.D. Goddard
Goddard Karasick Financial
Chris did a wonderful job for me today. Thank you.
Dan Koerner

Chris was very courteous and was able to fix my problem in under a minute. Great service!
Pete Riedel
Metro Multifamily Housing Association
You Rock! It worked exactly as you had outlined... Thank You!
Toni Nesbitt

Just wanted to let you know that Amanda has been great in getting back to me and helping with my questions about creating reports.
Leigh Twiford
Conexus, Inc.
Amanda was great in resolving my issue with Prophet being stubborn. Her tips on doing a re-sync saved my butt.
J.D. Goddard, CFP
Goddard Karasick Financial
Shawn did a great job helping with the installs and setup and we then had a very good admin training session with Amanda last week.
Ryan McArthur
West Georgia Health
I wanted to drop a quick line and tell you how helpful Amanda was on my problem with codec’s to watch your advanced prerecorded training program. At age 57 I can make fire with flint and steel my am technologically challenged at best. I had downloaded 4 separate codec’s and still could not view the training but Amanda hung in there with me and went the extra mile to make sure that I had what I needed. As someone who has managed people for almost 30 years I can certainly appreciate employee’s who take their job seriously. She was extremely helpful, took the initiative to contact me rather than waiting to hear from me, and got a satisfactory resolution to my problem.
Bob Hamilton
Commercial Credit Group
I would like to thank Avidian , Marisa in particular for taking the time to review with me the reporting issues in Prophet. Marisa has been more than helpful in explaining and resolving my issues. Her courteous manner and patience is greatly appreciated.
Kristina Manganella
Comprehensive Logistics
Chris gave prompt, knowledgeable support. Problem solved!
Alan Lott
Enable Communications
I am very pleased with the tech support Devin.
George Negm
Topologica Solutions
Cant believe you responded and solved my problem so fast.prophet will be big one day because of people like you.
Winson Chang
Lota Paints
Just to let you know that I was most impressed by Chris’s prompt and polite service.
Brendan Donnelly
Praesidium (UK) Ltd
I received support from Chris Smigielski for my Avidian Prophet product. He was exceptional! Chris provided additional information for me to try and then was quick to respond with a call time this week to help me as quickly as possible. I have been so pleased with everyone at Avidian and Chris was just the icing on the cake this week. Thanks to his help and quick follow through, I’m back up and running and my database is completely intact. I couldn’t have done it without him.
Julia Spencer
Silpada Designs
Thank you for your OUSTANDING customer support, and a special thank you to Chris.
Denis Langelier

Many thanks, folks, again for backing up your product with excellent folks like Katy. I sent out an SOS and actually got a concerned call. Regardless of features, technology, etc., this kind of attention goes a long way. I run a low-budget consulting practice, but I’ve been embedded at Avaya, AT&T, American Express, etc., and if someone ever asks about contact management (one of my consulting areas) I’ll mention you guys favorably – thanks to folks like Katy.
Stephen Kasser
SJK Communications
Chris responded via email very quickly, and his suggestion was very helpful and allowed me to quickly disable Prophet as I went through the process of locating the problem. Thanks for the great support. Chris' process allowed me to quickly reactivate Prophet. Give the guy 5 gold stars and a raise!
John Lexo
The Entrepreneur's Source
Excellent service performed by Chris Smigielski. Total customer satisfaction in all aspects.
Staffan Engberg

Amanda is great; give her a raise!
Andy Schad
NDT Solutions Inc
Katy, thank you so very much for your help. Chris was a big help as well. Thank you, both of you were a pleasure. That is the CRM Customer Service that I have been looking for and I am glad I made the switch to Prophet.
Jordan C. Doepke
Ashley Furniture
Christopher really did a good job for me this morning. I messed things up but he knew exactly what to do and got my data-base back and had me up and running in a few minutes. I appreciate very much what he did for me. His work was excellent.
William McCubbin
Chad was extremely responsive, helpful and knowledgeable in resolving today's Prophet issue.
Marie Grimm
Inter City Agency, Inc.
Answered an email on a Sunday afternoon and sent me some documentation as well. That's great service.
Brad Powell
Alfa Insurance: The Powell Agency
Chris was very helpful. He is the first person ever from Avidian who has offered to log into my computer remotely. Being able to see what I was seeing, REALLY helped reach an understanding, and helped solve the problem.
Jeanna Miller
Amanda has done a fine job of following up and providing solutions to problems I hadn’t thought of initially. She kept asking if I was finished with the process, which was really nice because it gave me pause to think over whether the first solutions – which solved the probem – had led to more questions.
KC Putter Meinken
Putter Furniture
Best support I have ever experienced. Keep it up.
Martin Schackner
Smith & DeGroat Real Estate
Despite having a series of annoying challenges with the OnDemand product, Christopher Lee has been a real bright spot for your company. Always professional, responsive and balanced. He’s a class act and a credit to your company.
Bill Crocker

We received the help we needed in a timely fashion, Chris was great!
Jeff Vlach
Ateb, Inc
Amanda was very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Carmenza Gamero
HealthCare Information Management, Inc.
Pat on the back for Amanda.
Scott Briscoe
Lovsted Worthington, LLC
Devin did a brilliant job! Just a single mail and he’s resurrected my prophet and removed the incipient heart attack at the same time!
Paul Smith

I wanted to contact you to let you know how wonderful I think Shawn White is. He is so pleasant and efficient that I felt the need to let you know that you have a superb employee working for you.
Tanya Davis-Powell
Animal Care Training Service
I just thought I would let you know what a wonderful job Katy has done in handling my account. Her service, and more importantly, her patience is second to none. I’m coming from the world of ACT! which surprisingly is a misnomer; their service is unbelievably horrible and excruciating to deal with. Katy on the other hand has been extremely patient with me throughout all of my questions, many of which are hard to elaborate upon. The service is the most exemplary I’ve ever encountered in a tech company.
David Sumpter
Wateridge Insurance Services
Thank you for a quick response! Good job and you didn’t make me feel dumb!
Jamie Elverum
Airco Commercial Services
I just wanted to let you know that Chris has helped me immeasurably…he is responsive and easy to understand. I am not very good at this IT stuff and he has really educated me. Well done!!
Lorraine Powers

I am very pleased with the technical support delivered in the past years to Imac. The overall process is working well, the problems are getting fix efficiently. This is why we decided to switch a few weeks ago to Gold customer support since we already have 100% confident level!
Richard Duchesne
Christopher Lee has always done a phenomenal job in helping me with my issues. Quite frankly when I first had an issue I really thought it was going to be a problem to just get someone to help me. I really felt that is when I was going to be deciding if I encourage anyone to get Avidian for themselves. It is because of Christopher and his great service that I still encourage others to get Prophet over any other CRM. Thanks again to Christopher for the awesome job he does!
Alexander L. Cardona
I wanted to let you know that Shawn is very responsive and helps me tremendously with any questions I may have.
Cristy Story
Warren Stokes is such a great presenter
Karen J. Hart
Medical Packaging Inc.
I typically do not reply follow up service support calls given the high level of frustration experienced during the process. It was refreshing to work with Chris … he was patient, understanding and best of all thoroughly understood Prophet. The combination is a pleasant departure from what I’ve come to expect.
Brad Joslin
Electric Power Systems
Thumbs up for Devin. My problem was taken care of on the first try.
Greg Clark
BioSero, LLC
Chris Smigielski did a great job of walking me thru a problem. He was very helpful and sent me a hardcopy backup for future reference. The whole process took only a few minutes and I appreciated his professional approach.
David J Sauter
Thanks so much to Devin Constantine for helping me fix Prophet. The steps provided and the prompt replies and suggestions restored my faith in Avidian. The email instructions were clear and well written and easy to follow. And the problem is fixed and I’m back to using Prophet daily, running my business.
Cory Bretz
Chris more than exceeded my expectations today. He put me back in business. I did everything correctly but at the last there were a couple of extra but necessary steps that I did not know about and Chris fixed it. Many thanks.
William McCubbin
Hanson Commercial Group
Chris was very courteous and knowledgeable about the product. It was a delightful experience.
Steven Chaker
Pacific Alliance Bank
Just a quick note to thank Christopher Lee for all his help yesterday. You guys rock.
Len Mooney
California Flight Academy
For me, a software product needs to be designed well and have a clean unambiguous user interface, but it also needs to be backed by a good support team. This is my first experience with Avidian. Chris gave me excellent support, which is, sadly, the exception rather than the rule these days in the software business. I stated in my letter to Chris, “You personally are to be commended, Chris, and the Avidian name has gained greatly in stature for me. As a person who works with many companies that have challenges with CRM issues, I see the possibility of recommending Prophet often, once I get a bit more experience with it, because of the product and the service.” Chris deserves a pat on the back for his excellent attitude!
John Freeman

As always when support is need you guys are fantastic! Thanks for your help
Carey Rudd
Online Knowledge
Christopher has done a great job in helping me resolve my problem. He has done a good job of follow up.
Don Archer

Katy provided an excellent training today for my team and she was the most helpful she could possibly be. Thanks for having your provide our training!
Susan Day
Fairbanks, La Verna Lodge and Hope Academy
I would like to thank Christopher’s professional assistance and professional attitude and quick repsonse. As usual, prophet technical support is top notch! I will and have recommended your product.
Shawn Gaston
Amanda is a fantastic customer support person. She not only was extremely professional in follow-up to be sure the issues were addressed she proved to be a real expert in the product. This level of support would be really good for a software program that cost thousands of dollars so to receive this level of service at this price point is stellar.
Hunter Shaw
The Product Development Company
Yes you did exceed my expectation…both in terms of rapid response to my cry for help + an immediate fix
Peter Michie
Chris did a great job in helping me migrate my Prophet database from my old computer to my new one.
Elmer Baugess
ECB Consultants
Chris dealt with the problem speedily and efficiently. I also appreciate his call was on-time. His prompt service is a good reason to buy the Prophet software.
Peter Buerger

Thank you so much for your help this morning. You saved my life!
David Kruger
Patterson Medical
Amanda did a great job in today's training. So far I'm very impressed with Avidian's product offering and the level of support that they have shown. I'm looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Avidian.
Brian Doane
D&H Water Systems, Inc
Just wanted to let you know that Chris did an excellent job on getting Prophet installed on my machine, a couple of ATABOYS from me…
Vern Kellie
Imaging and Printing Corporation
Just wanted to make sure that Chad gets the recognition he deserves in helping me out with a technical issue during a trial run of Prophet. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, and extraordinarily helpful.
Sasha Peggs
Surface Chemists of Florida
It blows me away – a breath of fresh cool air in the arid climate of customer service that exists today.
Stan Davis
Samford University
Amanda provided excellent tech support via gotomeeting today. She was very helpful and very knowledgeable as well. It was prompt, brief, and she helped find a solution.
Jerry Servantez
STAT Medical Equipment Sales
Shawn White with your company does a great job in addition to everyone else I have dealt with. I will strive to run as professional as a business as you do!
Mike Ross
DSL, Inc
Chris Smigielski did an outstanding job helping with some of our problems. Fabulous job!
Stefanie Rochelle
Highpoint Insurance Group, LLC
Amanda was very precise, well spoken and easily conveyed the information within the Prophet Tutorial. I thought it was fantastic, thank you.
Chris Sooley
GreenGym-Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Please know that Amanda was a great trainer for me. I also appreciate the follow up email, being one of those slow repetitive learners!
Carol Troy
Chris Smigielski has been an excellent source of information and assistance. Thank you.
Nancy Stirling
Stirling Benefit Plans Inc
Chris has been super helpful! Just wanted you to know that he is a good egg and knows his stuff! He puts the “support” in Techsupport.
Linne Gilbert

You guys are fantastic! Thanks for the outstanding help
Carey Rudd
Online Knowledge
Christopher is EXTREMELY responsive and is taking good care of us.
Todd Frederking
Gallery Custom Homes
Christopher Lee exceeded my expectations by responding quickly and thoroughly to my question today. I was not sure that anyone would respond to my question, which was my experience with one of your competitors. Thank you for your excellent support and customer service.
Crystal Dotson-Roberts
The Fairbanks Institute for Healthy Communities
Chris S. did a great job for me.
Scott S. Bruno
Bruno and Ridgway Research Assoc., Inc.
that I was very impressed with the support provided over the past few days by Chris. He has replied to various emails and questions in a timely, professional manner, and then today we spoke on the phone. During the call, he was courteous, friendly and knowledgeable, and honest about what he could provide and what he couldn’t.
Andrew Richards
The IT Service
Thank you for responding quickly to my question.
Lon Achenbach
LLA Marketing
Thank you. Chris did a great job answering my questions.
Priscilla Jurena
Harwood Homes
Chris was a life saver today. In addition to resolving the original problems I called about, he provided some tips for future use and in addition helped me setup a solid backup process. The fix to access the files was tricky and it was clear he is a very knowledgeable tech. Additionally, have to give him credit for being personable with excellent language skills, too. Thanks for keeping it ashore.
Michael Jacque
Chris Smigielski did a great job for me. I appreciate you hiring such good tech support that make the process easy for me to understand.
Ken Mensio
CSI Benefits
Chris did great. He was very patient and explained things in a way I could understand. Much appreciated.
Brandon Panno
National Corporate Account Services, Inc
We would like to express our appreciation for Chris' help and guidance in getting our systems up and running. He was very, very patient and polite.
Sandy Rothig
BC International Trading and Business Support, Inc.
Chris did a great job and should be recognized for it. Thanks for having him on staff!
Arlyn P. Nelson
Nelson Benefits
I would like to state without reservation how courteous and efficient Chris Smigielski was in solving our problems and overcoming the red tape involved. He always spoke in a courteous and professional way. And resolved our needs quickly. Thank him and thank you for employing people such as Chris Smigielski in your organization.
Roger S. Davis
LIFT International
Christopher Lee handled the tech support for my upgrade and although it didn’t run as smooth as clockwork as we both hoped he did an excellent job working through our issues. He managed to complete the task with professionalism and the Avidian Program is running smoothly. My hat goes off to him for a job well done!
Dorisann Elcenko
Meeting Alliance
I was very satisfied with the engagement of Chris Smigielski
Christoph K. Vogl

Devin is one good training/IT representative. Very good and knowledgeable.
Gregory S. Tate
Certified WorkComp Advisor
Persevered and provided excellent service.
Rick Davis
ESCO Energy Services Company
Christopher was very knowledgeable and patient. I appreciate his call so soon
Sylvia Folger
J&S Construction Company, Inc.
Christopher was quick to respond to my e-mail and resolve the issue I was having. Also helpful in offering another solution to what I was attempting to accomplish which was not possible the way I was trying.
Lorraine Katsimanis

Just a brief note to express my appreciation for Devin’s assistance today in resolving a complex issue. Without the details, he was extremely skilled at identifying and resolving our issue with Prophet. Devin also recognized the need to repair other Prophet user installations, and followed up to schedule another call.
Jackie Franke
I just wanted to pass along what a fabulous and patient person Chris Lee is.
Patricia Friedman
Shawn did, in fact, exceed expectations. I have more confidence that we can install and capitalize on Prophet!
James W. Creutz
FIT Systems
I am emailing you in response to two introductory trainings I recently took with Amanda Buslach. She did a fantastic job with it, answering every question I asked, and the training was very informative, easy to understand as well as easy to follow.
Gino Burgio
Gino’s Plumbing & Heating
As always….Avidian support is fabulous.
Kamdon Flaherty

Devin Constantine has been a great help with constant guidance.
John F. Simón
National Accounts Manager
Chris Lee was very helpful & extremely knowledgeable on the topics I was having trouble with on my computer.
Crystal Noto
SA Quality Fence and Welding
I appreciate the “put the customers concerns first” from Chris and Marie Bumback in customer service. I commend your company for not forgetting that if the customer does not feel like they are being held hostage they will be much more apt to become a raving fan.
Ken Blankenfeld
KBCm Group
Just wanting you to pass on to Chris Smigielski my appreciation for his quick response and getting to the core of the problem straight away.
John Rayner
Christopher Lee’s support today was outstanding.
Kevin Campbell
PureTech Systems
Christopher helped resolve an issue I had this morning. He is very patient and knowledgable. Great asset.
Sylvia Folger
J&S Construction Company, Inc.
Chris worked with me on some tech support issues today and did an excellent job!
Todd Anstey
If the service I’ve received so far is any indication of what I can expect when working with Avidian, I’m very pleased with the possibility of proceeding to use the software. It will clearly assist in managing our customers and leads, but with excellent service to boot? It’s a win/win/win/win/win
Heidi Bates
Washington Institute for Graduate Studies
Amanda, you were so helpful. Thank you so much for everything. You made it so easy to understand
Jamie Pereira
Creating Clarity
Christopher was very knowledgeable. Very professional, courteous, and patient. I work in a world filled with marginal customer service and I'd say that compared to all, Christopher was exceptional.
Eric Johnson
Commercial Lines
I purchased a copy of prophet yesterday and had some issues. Thanks to Chris I am up and running.
Steve Anderson
Midwest Systems and Services
Chris & Deven were both fantastic!!!!
Chuck Quealy
Roblin Insurance
We truly appreciate the responsiveness all of the Avidian staff that we have so far encountered. It’s a pleasure to work with folks who are passionate about what they have and how it works.
Irv Evans
New England Energy
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