Sales Report from Prophet CRM
• Easy Flexible Customizable Sales Reports
• Sales Reporting on Pipeline & Activities
• 50+ Sales reports + hundreds of variations
• Generate Sales Reports right into Excel
• Advance filtering & graphs for sales reports

Prophet CRM Sales Report

Sales Dashboard and Sales Reporting Manager

The Prophet Sales Dashboard Report provides a quick snapshot of your business. The Management Dashboard Report displays sales pipeline by stage, probability and close date. This Sales Stage Report comes up with just one click of a button. It’s that easy. Prophet also comes with over 50 predefined reports plus hundreds of variations, so you can slice and dice your sales and activity data however you see fit. You can also export all Prophet Sales Reports to Excel in just one click. Combine Prophet’s helpful features with all the familiar functions of Excel to gain even more insight with ease.

Sales Report for Quota Management Dashboard

The Sales Quota Management Dashboard displays sales and quota by sales rep. At a glance, managers can see sales quotas and actual sales by the associated rep!

Flexible Sales Reporting and Call Report Capabilities

Prophet CRM provides many standard reports, including Sales Quota Reports, Summary Call Reports and Opportunity Progress Reports. The built-in Sales Report Preview feature gives you quicker sneak peaks into your sales report when you have a lot of data to review. With the Sales Quota Report feature you can enter sales “quotas” and then tracks sales quota vs. actual sales by account rep.

Having good sales report gives you actionable insights

The key to keeping a sales team running efficiently is to make sure everyone stays on the same page. Sales managers can make this happen by having useful sales reports readily available. Daily sales reports should contain the information needed to track and monitor the status of every sales opportunity. But this kind of report can take a lot of time to prepare. Many companies solve this problem by getting CRM software that generates insightful sales reports easily.

Prophet CRM provides complete & flexible sales reports

With Prophet CRM, you can get daily, weekly or customizable sales reports with just a click. Prophet Sales Report is designed to be used with Outlook so it’s easy to get started. Since it’s basically an extension of Outlook, no special training is required. Prophet can start generating a daily sales report immediately. This report will contain the information that every member of your sales team needs to track each opportunity. You can sort the sales report according to product, sales representative, or customer. Even better, the sales report will provide an assessment of where every opportunity stands in the pipeline and even project likely closing dates.

Prophet CRM makes sure that sales reports are immediately available to everyone who needs it. Prophet also ensures that the sales reports are focused, so your team gets the exact information they need. This top-rated Avidian software provides you with sales reports that are complete. This helps you build the best possible relationship with your customers and it makes tasking easy. Prophet’s Sales Report provides information about every step in the sales process so there are never any tasks left undone and no opportunities falling through the cracks.

Types of sales reports

The daily sales report is not the only one that a company needs, however. Prophet CRM makes any type of sales report available, and there are over 50 automatically generated reports already built into the system. Easily customize any sales report to fit your company’s reporting requirements. Then, use the sales report to forecast future sales, trends and revenues. Each sales report contains the critical information company executives need to make such predictions. No factor is overlooked in a sales report created with Prophet CRM.

To learn more about Prophet CRM’s sales report features, watch our demo video to see how Prophet CRM can be tailored to fit the needs of your company when it comes to producing quality sales reports and many other helpful sales management needs. You’ll find that creating effective sales reports is only one of many ways Prophet CRM can help your company.

You’ll see why Prophet has received numerous awards for its CRM and sales report features. Prophet’s quality sales reports helped the software get named the Best Outlook-Based CRM solution. The sales report features also helped Prophet earn the prestigious four-star rating from the highly regarded PC World magazine.

Get everything you want from a Prophet sales report

Want to know about the revenues produced by your sales team? Just run a Prophet Sales Report. How about the source of sales leads? You’ll also find it in a Prophet Sales Report. In other words, a sales report generated by Prophet covers practically everything you want to know about your sales team or sales activities. Prophet CRM gives you everything you want and need in a sales report.

Prophet's sales report uses all of the tools a manager needs to keep sales opportunities up to date and sales or account reps functioning at peak efficiency. An accurate sales report increases your closing rates and keeps everyone on your sales team focused and moving in the right direction.

Prophet CRM is the Easiest CRM Software for Outlook

No other CRM software on the market will give you better sales reports than Prophet CRM. Every sales report is designed and produced to help you close sales and increase the bottom line for your company. Every sales report is complete, focused and easily accessible.

You can get sales reports using another system, but Prophet CRM’s sales report system gives you more flexibility and better meets your company’s needs—all inside of Outlook. A Prophet Sales Report can give you that edge you need in today’s highly competitive market place. While other businesses are still manually preparing sales reports and wasting time and money, you can access automatically prepared sales report with a simple mouse click.

With Prophet CRM you get more than just an excellent sales report system. You are also getting the easiest CRM and contact management system integrated into Outlook on the market. Prophet CRM gives you even more enhanced features. In addition to getting the best sales reports available, you’ll get other helpful tools to run seamless sales force automation. Excellent sales reports along with Prophet CRM’s other features keep your sales representatives following-up leads in the field instead of laboring over a sales report at a desk. Prophet CRM lets you take your company to that higher level.

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