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How to Increase Sales

Secret #1: Share Sales Advice and Techniques

The first secret of how to increase sales involves telling one another what you have learned from years of selling. It’s unfortunate, but many sales professionals are completely horrified at the notion of “giving away” their sales advice. This is a terrible mistake; after all, if everyone is on the same team, it’s important that they all can perform at top-notch levels and give advice on how to increase sales. If you’re a sales manager, start the ball rolling by keeping no “sales secrets” to yourself. Instead, be an “open book” and be willing to assist your staff. (Why not start by sharing this “How to Increase Sales” primer?)

Secret #2: Keep Learning

The second trick of how to increase sales is to make sure that you keep up with your sales education and you encourage (or expect) that everyone else on your sales team do likewise. In fact, you’ll probably be able to find “how to increase sales” seminars such as “How to Increase Sales: Tools of the Trade” and “How to Increase Sales – What I Learned from My Years as a CEO.” If you don’t have the time or budget for staff to attend “how to increase sales” meetings, you can always find books or articles on how to increase sales and have everyone on your sales team read them and then discuss what they’ve learned about how to increase sales.

Secret #3: Never Remain Stagnant

The third method of how to increase sales at your corporation is really more of a reminder – never allow yourself to become complacent. This means you always should be seeking out new opportunities to find out more about your competition and about your own selling practices. This will assist you as you uncover how to increase sales. Will this take some investigating? You bet. But it’s how to increase sales if you are determined to be the best professional sales man or woman possible.

Secret #4: Reward Your Employees

The fourth technique regarding how to increase sales is to always make sure you reward your top sales folks. They need to know that you understand how hard they’ve worked. Why is this under the category of “How to Increase Sales”? Simple. By offering rewards (such as vacation days or monetary awards), your staff will have a greater incentive to perform their tasks at a higher level than ever. This is definitely how to increase sales!

Secret #5: Invest in a Customer Management Software Program

The fifth “how to increase sales” secret involves investing in a customer management software program like Prophet (available at For example, Prophet works with your MS Outlook program to help streamline all your selling processes. Thus, it can help tighten your sales cycle and improve your bottom line. (The website offers how to increase sales advice, too!)

Secret #6: Eliminate Wasted Time and Energy

The sixth method of how to increase sales is to eliminate all that “free” time spent on the job. This means getting rid of almost all mindless web surfing or water cooler chats. Though fun, those habits are generally not profitable nor are they how to increase sales. In fact, wasting time is never how to increase sales; instead, use that time wisely and you’ll begin to see the results in the form of more prospects becoming customers and current clients purchasing more services or products from your organization.

Secret #7: "Fire" Toxic Clients

The seventh trick of how to increase sales is a little controversial. This “How to Increase Sales” technique involves getting rid of all those clients that actually cost you! If you’re not sure which customers are draining money from your bank account, you can use a customer management software program (such as Prophet, as mentioned in “How to Increase Sales – Secret #5”). A good software system will allow you to uncover exactly which of your buyers should be jettisoned before they bring your company to its knees.

Secret #8: Recruit Top Sales Pros

The eight way of how to increase sales is to always make sure you hire the best sellers you can afford. Although many businesses have a practice of hiring sales staff who are “newbies”, this isn’t always the best decision, nor is it how to increase sales. Persons who have never sold before may take a long time to get “up and running”, and your business will suffer as a result. (This, again, is not how to increase sales.) Instead, pay a little more and get people on board who are familiar with the world of sales; this is a better method of how to increase sales.

Secret #9: Listen to Your Clients, Listen to Your Colleagues

The ninth secret of how to increase sales is to keep your ears open. Listen to everyone, including yourself, and you’ll start uncovering ways of how to increase sales. Pay attention and be aware of what’s occurring around you. If you do this, you’ll start hearing how to increase sales! Believe it or not, even the best sales people on the globe sometimes “miss” the signs of how to increase sales for themselves or how to increase sales for their businesses. Don’t make the same mistake; if you’re talking more than you’re listening, you’re bound to miss something. In fact, you just might miss the clues of how to increase sales by 25% this quarter.

Secret #10: Stay on Top of Industry Trends

This final “how to increase sales” secret involves being aware of what’s occurring in your industry. Sometimes, we’re so busy selling that we neglect to check and see if we’re becoming obsolete! That’s just not how to increase sales. Too many companies go “belly up” because they don’t pay attention to the trends; thus, they suddenly find themselves behind the times. Don’t allow this to happen to you and your team; instead, keeping your finger on the pulse of your industry and reap the rewards of how to increase sales.


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