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CRM Software and Sales Call Reports

The Modern Need For Sales Call Reports
Sales Call Reports have been a time honored method of tracking sales, possible future sales and management for both the sales team and managers alike.  Sales call reports allow everyone to know which salesperson is talking to which customer, what prospects and sales are in the works, provide identifiers to possible problems, help identify future sales goals, as well give the sales department other directional information. 

Sales call reports, once done mainly to track sales on paper for individual salespersons, have been integrated into the computer age by the use of CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, software.  The need for CRM software in coordination with sales call reports comes from the need to gain more information from the call and the ability to make sales call reports into a more useable business resource.  Like the internet, the use of Customer Relationship Management is quickly becoming a tool of daily use for the many sales staff and management within the sales field.

The Use of Sales Call Reports and Customer Relationship Management Tools
Today CRM software gives users different views of sales call reports at a glance using various tools.  Not only does the sales force have access to contact management and sales tracking, as well as comprehensive sales call reports, but the entire sales team can also create customized forecasts and updates as to where to put available resources and energy. 

More than likely CRM is being used as an elegant sales call reports system to capture what is happening during a sales cycle or campaign in order for management to create reasonable forecasts   CRM software also allows sales call reports to be broken down into categorized contact information, opportunities for future sales, sales management, problem solving tools and resource information.

CRM Makes Sales Call Reports A Team Tool
CRM products and software give everyone instant access to needed information from the sales call reports at a glance.  Such items as product purchases, dates of purchase, who made the purchase, open issues and call history can be pulled from sales call reports with ease. 

The effective use and implementation of Customer Relationship Management allows everyone in the company to know what customers are doing, as well as why and when they are doing it.  Sales call reports are started with the sales department and are the beginning of the sales force automation.  Here the process of tracking customer data becomes automatic.

CRM software then takes the sales call reports beyond the sales department, giving other departments such as marketing and customer service along with IT and management, necessary access to the data in the sales call reports.  This helps provide your company with the opportunity to market the right products to the right customers, and provide better service while reducing customer complaints.  This ability also helps to ensure your prospects and current customers remain with you and do not head over to the competition because of bad service or lack of cohesion within your company.

Using Sales Call Reports within CRM Software
Sales call reports that provide cohesive outlines which summarize and analyze how the sales force can move sales forward give both the salesperson and the entire sales team real information which can be used more effectively.  Items to look for in your sales call reports include skills issues where the sales team manager may step in and provide further training, opportunities to identify and address your prospect needs; and spot accounts where the sales force is investing either too much time or needs to put in greater efforts. 

Sales call reports such as these can also help spot trends in the local markets in relation to buyers, competitors and products.  The use of sales call reports within Customer Relationship Management software transforms them into core sales tools which help your sales team become more productive in spotting and  analyzing current changes in the local marketplace.  With this, sales call reports help to maximize the team’s human and non-human resources.

Thus, sales call reports are not a thing of the past, but are still very much a value added tool with predicting future sales and goals for any business associated with sales or marketing.
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