Mobile Products:    iPhone   /   iPad   /   Android
Price: $14.95/user/month
Special: Free Now. Ask How!

Prophet Mobile Web lets you:
  • Access contacts & opportunities from virtually any mobile device.
  • Open your browser, login to gain access to your Prophet data.
  • View, create or edit opportunities.
  • Add date/time stamp notes.
  • Track Activity Types associated with a note.
  • Add or edit products and services associated with an opportunity.
  • Call/email contacts directly from your phone.
  • Synchs wirelessly with your Prophet OnDemand CRM database

  • Prophet OnDemand client is required
  • Works on most phones.
  • Multiple ways to access your contacts or companies while on the road

    • Access and edit your contacts via your native Contacts Program on your phone.
    • Or access and edit your contacts via your web browser.
    • Access or edit your company information via your web browser.
    • Edit and add Contacts on the phone or through the browser and sync between the two virtually real time.
    Take your sales opportunities on the road

    • Create, edit and view Opportunity notes, sales status and related fields in your opportunity.
    • Create or edit Opportunitites real time.
    • Add notes and tracking activities.
    • Add/remove/edit products and services to an opportunity.
    Add & edit date/time stamp notes

    • Take your opportunity notes with you anywhere you go.
    • Read them before your meeting or call.
    • Add them after your meeting.
    • Track your activities with each other.
    Price:  $14.95/user/month
    Special: Free Now. Ask How!