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Web Based CRM Vs. Outlook Based by Avidian Technologies

•  Deciding whether to use a Web Based CRM or Outlook Based CRM solution.
•  What Is Web Based CRM?
•  What Are The Benefits of Web Based CRM?
•  How Is Outlook CRM Different From Web Based CRM?
•  Is Web Based CRM more affordable?
•  Will My Business Better Benefit From Web Based CRM or Outlook?

Deciding whether to use a Web Based CRM or Outlook Based CRM solution.
On the market, there are so many choices for businesses when it comes to CRM. Before you even decide on a specific software or Web Based CRM provider, you must first make the decision whether to use Web Based CRM or Outlook Based CRM. Most businesses think in terms of a specific interface used explicitly within your own network when pondering CRM, however the option of Web Based CRM is somewhat different. There are also Outlook CRM choices that work very much like Web Based CRM interfaces, with a few additional features. Taking a look at Web Based CRM and Outlook Based CRM, you can see where the real advantages lie for your individual situation.

What Is Web Based CRM?
Web Based CRM is a collection of tools that a business can use to enhance customer service and satisfaction, track and maintain sales records, and overall increase profitability. All of this information is stored online and accessible through the Web Based CRM software. For those who have a high-speed internet connection, Web Based CRM software can be a perfect answer if you are in need of a fast and cheap Web Based CRM solution. However, there are some limitations to the use of Web Based CRM, as those with a dial-up connection are likely excluded from using Web Based CRM.

What Are The Benefits of Web Based CRM?
The benefits of Web Based CRM begin with the fast setup, in most cases. If you choose to use a Web Based CRM platform, the system is already in place, all you must do is customize it and import the information you already have on file. With Web Based CRM, your information is stored online, rather than hogging the valuable space on a smaller hard drive. You also have no permanent software purchase to make with Web Based CRM options. In these situations, access to the Web Based CRM platform is paid for by either monthly or yearly subscription, in most cases. Web Based CRM clients are not responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the servers, just their own personal computers.

How Is Outlook CRM Different From Web Based CRM?
Outlook CRM has many of the same capabilities as Web Based CRM, but it also allows the user to work without a constant Internet connection. This type of software does require an initial purchase, unlike Web Based CRM, and it is hosted on your own computer and servers, where Web Based CRM is offsite. However, many Outlook CRM versions are specifically designed to integrate into the existing Outlook program on a computer and use contact information already in place, whereas Web Based CRM users must import this information to the Internet.

Is Web Based CRM more affordable?
The affordability of Web Based CRM can vary by the needs of your company. If you need access to your information outside of the Internet, then a separate program is needed and the pricing of Web Based CRM becomes something of an invalid point. The better question is would Outlook CRM options provide my business with a more efficient system, both online and off than using Web Based CRM and a separate offline program. In the case where access on both levels is needed, an Outlook CRM program will likely more affordable and cost-efficient over a Web Based CRM.

Will My Business Better Benefit From Web Based CRM or Outlook?
The choice between Web Based CRM software and Outlook CRM software is a matter of comparing the needs of your business online and off to the offerings of the available Web Based CRM and Outlook CRM programs. Decide if you can live and function with Web Based CRM access or if you need the offline capabilities that you can receive in Outlook CRM options. Both Web Based CRM and other non Web Based CRM options will help you to grow your business and increase profitability, however, there may be big differences in the efficiency of the processes involved in using only Web Based CRM for your business. By looking at the needs of your own business, as well as budget and accessibility, you can decide between Web Based CRM and Outlook CRM, in your own best interest.

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