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Robust Security and Integration with Outlook Software CRM


CRM and E-mail in One Package
Employees for companies use Microsoft Outlook throughout every single day, and Outlook software CRM (rather, customer relationship management software) can help companies with all aspects of customer relationship management. As long as a company has Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Microsoft Office 2000/2003/2007, its IT department can install Avidian's Outlook CRM software on all of the company's computers. With Outlook software CRM, employees will get unparalleled access and integration into the CRM database that has made Avidian one of the best and most popular Outlook software CRM solutions on the market today.

Right In With Outlook for Extra Security
The best feature of Avidian's Outlook software CRM is that it works right with your copy of Microsoft Outlook. This e-mail client is the most popular and stable across the world, so it naturally follows that the vast majority of businesses already use it. Also, by using it in conjunction with Outlook, Avidian ensured that their Outlook CRM software would be compatible with a wide variety of platforms. A stand alone CRM client would be more prone to bug and crashes, something that should not occur with today's companies, which require absolute stability and security. Compatible with major version of Windows and Microsoft Office, Outlook software CRM offers both a stable and secure platform for companies.

Because Outlook software CRM works within Microsoft Outlook, companies can rest assured that there will be an extra level of security as provided by Microsoft with this software. Without a doubt, Avidian's Outlook software CRM is more secure and stable right off the bat, and with all of the recent data thefts occuring across the world from companies, this extra level of security in Outlook CRM software is welcomed for protecting customer records. However, the security inherently found in Outlook CRM software also carries over to both ends of your network - both the client side and server side. With Outlook CRM software, companies can also help to protect their servers from hackers and malicious code.

Streamline an Entire Company
The entire purpose of CRM software is to help make a company more efficient and curb wasteful spending. Outlook software CRM, as designed by Avidian, to help a company track trends in sales and predict future sales well ahead of time. With powerful forecasting features, companies can accurately predict the direction they are heading, and real time updates help Outlook CRM software to instantly give new forecasts to companies whenever they desire.

Business savvy individuals will also love Outlook software CRM because it saves them dozens of hours each month on writing reports and contacting customers. Because Outlook CRM software works inside Outlook as a plug-in for the popular e-mail client, it already has the entire list of contacts for an employee to bring up at a click of the mouse. With robust organization and search features, Outlook CRM software from Avidian also helps employees to easily browse through contacts using a variety of fields, such as company, organization, sales records, or location. These features make keeping track of customers easy, and Outlook CRM software integrates a robust suite of appointment features as well to meet all organizational demands that a company has. With Outlook software CRM, employees will be reminded of upcoming appointments, so they'll always have ample time to make preparations. Because sales records are also available along with trends and predictions, companies can make informed decisions about what those same customers will want in the months to come.

Companies will save thousands each month with Outlook CRM software, and employees will save time. Avidian's Prophet 5 Outlook CRM software is available on their website at, and any company can have this Outlook software CRM shipped to their location within a week. It's available for major versions of Microsoft Office and Windows from 2000 on up, so the vast majority of companies will be able to fully utilize the features found in Avidian's Prophet 5. Robust features and integration into a company round out this solid CRM software suite, and any employee in a company will find useful features. Security and stability are unparalled with Microsoft support for Outlook, and with server, personal, and mobile clients, companies get a great deal of versatility. By making a company more efficient, Outlook CRM software will pay for itself thousands of times each week.

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