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Outlook Contact - Outlook Contact Management and Beyond


When it comes to running a business today, having great contact management is extremely important. In the past few years, especially with the rise of the internet, contact management has become more and more essential for companies that truly want to be successful in the business world today. There are many types of contact management, but what you may not know is that you if you have Microsoft Outlook, you already have a limited form of contact management with Outlook contact management. Not sure what Outlook is, and how it can work for you? Well, keep reading to find out more.

What is Outlook?
So, what is Outlook and what is Outlook contact management? Well, basically Outlook is a special program that is a part of Microsoft Office. Essentially it is a program that comes along with the Office Suite and it offers email help and also helps you keep track of personal information. While it usually comes with Microsoft Office, you can also purchase it alone as well. Basically Outlook contact management helps to integrate together your email, your calendar, and even your contact information that you have stored. However, in some cases, it can be a bit on the hard side to understand and use. Many businesses today are finding that Outlook contact management offers powerful contact management options for their companies. While you will find that Outlook contact management does not have near as much to offer as a full contact management program has, such as Prophet, it definitely does come with quite a few benefits that can be helpful for your entire company.

Benefits Outlook Contact Management Offers
Sure, Outlook contact management isn't the top of the line when it comes to managing your contacts today, but it definitely has many different benefits and feature out there that most people are not even aware of. So, let's take a look at some of the great features that Outlook contact management has to offer you.

  1. Manage Activities - One benefit of Outlook contact management is that you have the ability to manage any activities that are in any way related to a contact that you may have. You can link up your contact with other activities that are in Outlook as well. For instance, if you want to make an appointment with a contact and you do this on your calendar, you'll actually be able to see this in the contacts section of Outlook as well. This allows you to easily see what is going on with this person and you'll also be able to see the records from the last time you spoke to that contact as well.
  2. Email Linking - Another benefit of Outlook contact management is email linking. This option allows you to link certain emails to certain contacts on the contact list as well. It makes it much easier to find an email that you are searching for.
Categorize Your Contacts - You'll also benefit form the Outlook contact management feature that allows you to categorize all of your contacts as well. This makes it easy to search back for contacts later so you won't have to go looking though all of your contacts for the person that you are looking for.

Going Beyond Outlook Contact Management with Additional Software
As you can see, there are a variety of wonderful benefits and features that come along with Outlook contact management. However, you'll find that many times your business will need contact management help that goes beyond what Outlook contact management can do for you. If this is the case, then you are going to need additional contact management software for your business.

Prophet Works Wonderfully with Outlook Contact Management
If you do end up needing additional software to work with your Outlook contact management, you'll find that one of the best options is Prophet software. You see, Prophet works wonderfully with Outlook contact management. Why? Because Prophet is actually built to work with the Outlook platform and they integrate together quickly and easily so you get the best of Outlook and then Prophet software takes it to the next level. So, if you find your company needing a bit more than Outlook contact management can offer you, consider purchasing Prophet software to work along with it for the best results.

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