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Customize Your Email with an Outlook Add-In


Everyone has different needs when it comes to their emails. For some organizing contacts and email is very important. For others scheduling emails and getting a head start on work is a top priority. Whatever you need there is an outlook add-in that will help make your Outlook Express email do exactly what you want so that everything runs smoothly.

The best part of using an outlook add-in is that you don’t need to worry about paying for more than the outlook add-in you need. You only need to use the outlook add-in that you want. Customize your email with the outlook add-in that has been tailored for specific tasks.

Remove Duplicates from Your Email
Duplicates can clog up your address book and complicate your task lists. You can eliminate the mess of duplicate contacts, calendar items, notes, and tasks with a Duplicates Remover. This outlook add-in will help you to find all the duplicates that are taking up space in your system and delete.

There are several options when you are using this outlook add-in. You can first have the system flag all these unwanted duplicates. This will give you the choice of what to do next. You can either decide to remove the flag if this is something you want to keep, move the duplicate to a specific folder, or copied and put into a duplicate folder.

Of course you can also delete the duplicates that this outlook add-in flags for you. You can either choose to delete it permanently or place it in the Deleted Items Folder. Doing the former will give you the option of going back to the duplicate and moving it to another location if you change your mind about deleting it.

Scheduling Email with the MAPILAB Toolbox
If you need to be away from your computer and will not have Internet access for a weekend or a few days you can use this powerful outlook add-in to make life easier for you. This outlook add-in is actually 18 add-ins in one. This outlook add-in makes your life easier by giving you greater mobility. You can be away from your computer but still access and send emails with this outlook add-in.

Schedule Emails
If there are certain emails that need to be sent out regularly then you can use this handy outlook add-in to schedule emails. Send identical emails out at whatever date and time. You can also use this feature if you need to send documents as it can work with attachments. This is also a great way to send out invitations for a party or social gathering.

Redirect Email Instead of Forwarding.
Redirecting email is another important feature of this outlook add-in. Many people underestimate the use of this feature. Instead of forwarding emails you can simply redirect an email to the contacts in your address book that you would like to send an email that has been sent to you. Redirecting will minimize the chance of your emails getting trapped by someone’s spam filter.

Many powerful spam filters will send an email that has been forwarded too many times straight to a recipient’s trash folder. When you use the redirect tool you can avoid this. This outlook add-in will also allow the recipient to see an email exactly as you see it.

Appointment Reminders
If you are constantly on the go then email reminders about tasks, meetings, and other important things to do can sometimes slip out of your mind. With this outlook add-in you don’t have to worry about that. Have email reminders sent to your PDA or cell phone. With this outlook add-in you are sure to be on top of all your important appointments.

Managing the amount of emails that go out of your inbox can be important if your Internet provider puts limits on how many outgoing messages can be sent per hour. This outlook add-in will help you customize how many emails are sent out in a specified period of time. What’s great about this outlook add-in is that you can also prioritize certain emails that need to be sent out straight away.

Making Your Life Easier
When you use an outlook add-in you can be sure that your life will be easier. Just choose the add-ins that you need so that you don’t have unused or unnecessary applications in the system. After all an outlook add-in is supposed to leave your email clutter free.

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