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Microsoft Contact Business Manager Performs all Your Tasks


The Microsoft Contact Business Manager has some definite tasks to perform.  First of all it is an organizer and helps to bring together customer information and all the prospect information in one single place. It is then the central place for project information and task management. The Microsoft Contact Business Manager helps you to stay organized and enables you to monitor tasks with automated reminders.

Above all the Microsoft Contact Business Manager is a manager of sales leads and opportunities and can track the leads throughout the sales cycle.   In the case of direct marketing campaigns, the Microsoft Contact Business Manager can track them directly and actually create and personalize them too.

How Prospect and Customer Information is Organized
Microsoft Contact Business Manager is the best organizer because it can collect and store all contact, prospect and customer information in one single place.  So you can benefit from the organization of the Microsoft Contact Business Manager and get all the information in one place at one time.  In the long run, this obviously benefits your clients. 

Let us look at all the activities which are possible for you to do, once the Microsoft Contact Business Manager has organized everything for you. First of all, you can make a list of all your contact information, e-mails, phone-calls, appointments, notes and documents. Once you have all the contact information with the help of the Microsoft Contact Business Manager, you should customize it to suit your personal business needs.

When you are not in office, it is possible for you to work offline on your laptop or pocket PC.  The Microsoft Contact Business Manager will help you to organize all your data on your PC when you get back to office. The Microsoft Contact Business Manager can also enable you to use multi-user access, and through this you can share customer and prospect data with others in the company. 

Microsoft Contact Business Manager coupled with Office Outlook 2007 can be aligned with Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 to facilitate integration of customer contact information and financial history.  Your Outlook calendar can track billable time and through Microsoft Contact Business Manager it can automatically be sent to Office Accounting for invoicing and payroll.

How to Manage Sales Leads and Opportunities
Your main aim in your business is to communicate and sell more effectively.  Here again Microsoft Contact Business Manager combines with Office Outlook 2007 in managing sales leads and opportunities, so that customers can be tracked from first contacts through closing.  This tracking includes contact information, communications history, documents, sources and closing probability. 

The Microsoft Contact Business Manager helps you to get a summarized view of sales, so that you can forecast sales and organize activities.  Also all up-to-date view of each customer and prospect information will help you to prioritize your tasks. Microsoft Contact Business Manager with the help of Microsoft Excel can then give you a further analysis of the situation after you transfer the prospect reports and details to them.

Direct Marketing Campaigns
This is where the Microsoft Contact Business Manager helps in more effective marketing. The Microsoft Contact Business Manager has a wizard which does the job of showing you the gradual process of how to produce an effective marketing campaign.  Customers and prospect data are filtered and important mailing lists are compiled.  Microsoft Office Publisher, Microsoft Office Word and ListBuilder work together with Microsoft Contact Business Manager to create personalized marketing publications.

You should not forget to track the response to your campaigns, so that you can see how effective they are.  Besides, the Microsoft Contact Business Manager stores the marketing materials which you send to prospects and customers automatically in its communications history.

As the Microsoft Contact Business Manager centralizes all information related to your project in one location, it is possible for you to remain organized and check the progress accordingly. All the information would include emails, tasks, meetings, notes and attachments.  Through the Microsoft Contact Business Manager you can share any data of the project with your company colleagues.  In this way you can even assign tasks to others, monitor their progress and even send them reminders.

The Microsoft Contact Business Manager brings all your contact, prospect and customer information together, you can view it all in one single location. You can even get a dashboard view of your key customer and prospect metrics. Your sales deeds and opportunities are managed better and so are your marketing concepts.  The Microsoft Contact Business Manager collects flexible reports and can hence forecast sales and analyze data. You can track customer information with it and customize it, and be able to share all your data with others on the project. Even if you are offline, you can always stay in touch.

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