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Lead Generation Software

Introduction to lead generation software.
What is lead generation software?
What is Prophet?
Why is Prophet good lead generation software?
Ease of data collection.
Customizing lead generation software.
Sharing data with your lead generation software.
Using reports with your lead generation software.
Training users on lead generation software.

Introduction to lead generation software.
In order to survive, businesses must be able to not only keep the customers that they have but consistently gain new customers. Information about potential customers comes in many formats. Other customers, mailing lists, and networking can all bring in a large amount of data that can lead to new customers. Businesses must have a way to collect and analyze this data to generate the most beneficial leads. One of the most popular ways to accomplish this is by using lead generation software. Lead generation software should be easy to use, help users remember to gather the data they need, and be cost efficient. There are many versions of lead generation software available. Prophet, by Avidian, is the best lead generation software available.

What is lead generation software?
Lead generation software is intended to help a business collect data, then use it to effectively, and efficiently use that data to generate new customer traffic. Lead generation software works by ensuring that you gather and keep track of potential new customers. A business never wants to loose a potential customer because they didn’t follow up properly and lead generation software can help avoid this.

What is Prophet?
Prophet is a contact management program by Avidian. Its features make it a top notch piece of lead generation software. The platform that Prophet runs on is a direct plug-in to Outlook, the Microsoft email program. It allows a user to enter a customer’s data, contact history, schedule follow-ups, and share the data with other users. As lead generation software, it ensures that you never miss a key follow up or forget important data. It is also extremely easy to use and intuitive lead generation software, ensuring that is consistently used.

Why is Prophet good lead generation software?
There is a nearly endless list of reasons why Prophet is the best lead generation software on the market. The fact that this lead generation software plugs directly into an Outlook is the key to many of the great features of Prophet. When your lead generation software plugs directly into your most commonly used office software, you know it is going to be easy to use. A key to the effective use of lead generation software, or any software for that matter is consistent use. When a user opens Outlook their lead generation software is right there. Every time they enter a contact, schedule a task, or update data, the lead generation software is already open and being utilized. Not having to open separate lead generation software is made obsolete with Prophet. Lead generation software should help you save time and eliminate work duplication and Prophet ensures that this is possible.

Ease of data collection.
Part of lead generation is collecting data about a customer or potential customer. Prophet’s lead generation software makes this a snap. The forms ensure that everything important about the customer is collected within the lead generation software. Basic data can be expanded on to include follow up scheduling, records of previous contacts, and other important data that can be used to improve customer service for that customer. With easy to navigate forms that are accessible right from Outlook, data collection is quick, easy, and efficient.

Customizing lead generation software.
Another great benefit of Prophet as lead generation software is that it is very flexible. Not every business has the same data collection needs in their lead generation software. Prophet starts with lead generation software categories such as name and contact information and adds additional fields that a business might need. Beyond just common fields, lead generation software needs to be flexible with a businesses needs. This lead generation software allows for fields that be customized to whatever your business needs. The flexibility ensures that your business gets the best use of their lead generation software.

Sharing data with your lead generation software.
Good lead generation software should allow you to share data. When one person collects the data from their lead generation software, they might find that another employee or department is better suited to deal with the new potential customer. If you can’t share your data easily with your lead generation software, it can hold back how fast you can contact the potential customer and you may loose the lead. Using lead generation software such as Prophet makes it easy to share data. You can email the data directly from Outlook and the recipient can open it quickly and easily because the lead generation software is directly in Outlook. Editions of Prophet that are designed for larger businesses also allow for server based sharing and peer-to-peer sharing. Quick data sharing will ensure that your whole business can quickly access information and ensure that your lead generation software helps you follow up and turn that lead into a loyal customer.

Using reports with your lead generation software.
Tracking and reporting is very important with lead generation software. Goals are an important of any business and your lead generation software should help you set and track these goals. Prophet’s lead generation software allows you to report at several different levels. You can report based on individuals, teams, and corporate goals. This reporting is an added benefit of any great lead generation software and one that Prophet has perfected.

Training users on lead generation software.
Another great benefit of Prophet as lead generation software is its ease of training. When selecting lead generation software, you will want to get the most for your money in all aspects. This lead generation software is familiar to most users already because it is a direct plug-in to Outlook. This saves time and money when trying to train on new lead generation software. As long as your users are familiar with Outlook (and most users are), they will be able to easily learn the Prophet lead generation software. This quick training ensures that you will save time and money when implementing new lead generation software.

To help your business continue to grow and develop, lead generation software is essential. Prophet is the top-notch lead generation software on the market. Isn’t it time for your business to look for lead generation software? Turn to Prophet for your number one lead generation software.


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