Prophet CRM is Easier than GoldMine...
• Prophet is an Easy CRM Software in Outlook
• Centralize contact and sales management
• Be more productive and close more deals
GoldMine Software is Overly Complicated
Get Prophet instead. Prophet is a CRM Software Your Team will Actually Use

GoldMine Software was one of the first Customer Relationship Management systems developed to allow business people to track their contact and sales information. Though GoldMine Software has evolved over the years, it has failed to address a major user concern: ease of use. Prophet, which is integrated inside Microsoft Outlook, offers a CRM solution so simple, your team will use it.

The Too Many Features of GoldMine Software
GoldMine Software touts the fact that it is feature rich and has many functional interfaces. GoldMine can be time consuming to learn and therefore, difficult to adopt. Its many different forms (over 30) can be cumbersome, confusing, and difficult to logically organize. GoldMine Software has put features and functions ahead of simplicity and ease of use.

GoldMine Software Requires Add-ons to Work the Way You Want
The GoldMine standard edition leaves clients needing add-ons and other modules to work as effectively as Prophet does out of the box. With GoldMine, if you would like to share information with a small group you need to add a synchronization module. If you would like real-time access to your group's information, you will need the GoldMine Plus corporate edition. Integration with other programs (such as Microsoft Outlook) requires another module, and integration with Microsoft Exchange Server adds yet another. With more and more add-ons comes more and more complexity. This complexity leads to more time organizing and less time selling. Prophet CRM is built inside of Outlook, so you need no additional synchronization software.