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Prophet 5 CRM Solution for Outlook
• Simple Customer and Account Management
• Familiar Outlook Environment
• Use your existing Outlook Contacts

Facing the CRM Solution Challenge
Many companies today are looking for the magic wand to solve customer relationship management (CRM) challenges. The good news is finding a CRM Solution is not difficult as there are literally hundreds of programs available. The bad news is…there are hundreds of CRM Solutions available making it a challenge to find the right solution for you. So how do you face this daunting challenge? With Knowledge...!

Knowing Your CRM Solution
As you begin searching for a CRM Solution to manage your customer information, keep in mind what your needs are. What problems does it have to solve. Don’t be overwhelmed by what many CRM Solutions can do for you. Having a lot of features can be worse than not having enough. It can add complexity and discourage your people from actually using the program. Know the problems you need to solve and find a CRM Solution that solves them. Do you work with a lot of clients and accounts? Find a CRM Solution with good Contact Management features.

Does your sales team need to track all their deals? Look for easy to use Sales Force Automation features. Are you already using a program like Outlook? Get a CRM Solution, which is built right inside of Outlook. Knowing your CRM Solution means focusing on what your business needs, not what many programs tell you what you need.

Researching a CRM Solution
This can be easier than many people think. Again, go back to what your business needs from a CRM Solution. Look for answers to the questions and issues specific to your business. They may be unique, or similar to hundreds of other businesses. When getting the answers to your questions, be mindful of not only “what” the answer is but also “how” the answer developed. How does each CRM Solution solve your particular needs?

How something is done can often be as important as the fact that it is done. For example; if you are looking for a CRM Solution that integrates with your Outlook wouldn’t it make sense for it to actually be built INSIDE Outlook? You can typically get quick and easy answers to these questions by going directly to the software manufacturer. They are often the best source for information on their product, and can provide you with additional resources for research.

Which CRM Solution is Right?
It sounds cliché, but the truth is only you will know if the CRM Solution you’ve chosen is right for your business. If you are setting up a system for a group within your company, be prepared for some people to resist. Not everyone will immediately like the program. As a matter of fact, some may never like it. However, if your CRM Solution is implemented properly everyone will be able to see the benefit of it.

How do you make sure the system is implemented properly? There are three basics to focus on: Involvement, Implementation, and Training.

  • Involvement: Get key people from every group that will work with the CRM Solution involved in the evaluation and selection of the program. This helps to instill a feeling of ownership within the team and will make sure everyone’s needs are addressed.
  • Implementation: Getting the system installed and set up can often be a challenge and can be time consuming if done in-house. Most CRM Solution providers have Implementation Services to assist in getting you set up easily and quickly. They are often the best choice, as they know their software better than anyone, and often know as much about network systems as your own IT people.
  • Training: This is often the most valuable item that is overlooked. Training provided by the manufacturer can get your users familiar with the CRM Solution much faster and increase their productivity. Whether the training you do is web based or in person, it can be vital in building knowledge and comfort with your new program.

Selecting a CRM Solution can be a big challenge, but you can be well prepared to meet it. Identify your needs, how you would like to seem them met, and never sell short the advantages of vital implementation services. These can often mean the difference between a successful or failed CRM Solution.

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