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Professional Prophet 3.0 by Avidan – A Worldwide Hit


Avidan Technologies Are Made Extremely Useful
Avidan provides small and middle-sized services with the features of a stable hosted set up and high-end customer relationship management functions. Over the years, Avidan technologies have proven themselves worthy of the all the positive product reviews and the high customer satisfaction ratings.

Because the tools they produced are indispensable creations found in many industries today, it has become to be widely known as a world wide phenomenon. Most businesses today, regardless of its size, use the Avidan technology in an effort to make their ventures prosper.

Through the years to come, Avidan promises to give only the best of products which can satisfy your customers even more. Recently, this has been proven to be very true with the release of the Avidan Professional Prophet 3.0. Again, it is being acknowledged by many businesses world wide not only for its ability to do good in customer relations but because of its ease of use as well. Truly, Avidan can only promise the world more and more ways of making your small-time or big-time business flourish.

Why Go Crazy Over The Avidan Professional Prophet 3.0?
Many small-time business deals face a challenge whey they go searching for the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Most companies, be it big or small, rarely have finances or hardware to host a high end CRM. More over, the resources of personnel also make it hard for corporations to use a customer relationship management that is effective enough in data staff sharing. But through the Avidan technologies, this has been made greatly possible. Both cost effective issues and customer satisfaction ratings can be delivered by Avidan technologies right at your very doorsteps.

One problem that most companies encounter is trusting critical or private customer data to third parties. Although most CRM products are very stable and efficient in delivering quality customer services, trust has been the main focus of many companies. But with the Avidan Professional Prophet 3.0, these types of problems are easily solvable. The database can be stable to host providers as well as it can keep the information confined enough to be not seen by the unwanted.

The Avidan Professional Prophet 3.0 is readily available in three Windows client configurations, namely, the Professional, Standard, and Enterprise. Most of the use of the product is targeted at smaller organizations. This Avidan technology also provides choices for a Windows Personal Computer Plug-in for the Microsoft Outlook Versions 2000, 2003, and XP. The Professional Avidan version can be used to provide a welcome bargain between utilizing an on-demand customer relationship management suite or maintenance of devoted in-house servers.  The Avidan Professional version also includes peer-to peer opportunity in sharing data and has filtering options for reports and data.

More over, the Avidan Professional version can provide the small-biz organizations with a sales assistant feature that just comes handy whenever a company has to make use of it. Through this powerful new tool, a prosperous small time business can emerge from nowhere and take the lead amongst many other businesses. Truly, the Avidan technologies provide your ventures with more than just the prospering means.

How Can You Get The Avidan Professional Prophet 3.0 Up And Running?
The Avidan Professional version is very easy and simple to install. A designated root folder for the Avidan Prophet data is needed to generate three manager subfolders, and these are: opportunity, contact, and report. Additionally, you can craft folders from your Outlook which are synchronized directly with the Avidan Prophet subfolder. The Avidan Prophet makes it possible to treat each outlook contacts information folder as a Customer Relationship Management folder; however, you can always to choose to separate these two whenever you need to.
The Avidan Prophet's sales assistant conducts the administrative obligations mechanically.  For example, you can use Avidan to send about fifty email messages per day to be delivered to your customers and asking them to answer a survey. This way, you can define email forms which could be connected with a specific action in the sales management assistant task.

When you unload mundane tasks such as this, you help the staff close the sale or focus on getting that sale. The Avidan Prophet shares to you multiple means to include sale stage, track sales, sale probability, and priority level. With the Avidan tool on hand, you can be sure of more than just prospering on your business. You can also give out customer satisfaction that will make you feel fully pleased with the business that you are in.
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Prophet CRM for Outlook software has been developed by Avidian Technologies.
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