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What is CRM

What exactly is CRM software?

Many people have heard the term CRM but some are not sure what it means. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and while CRM does refer to a program to manage customer information the better CRM software does much more than that.  CRM software not only allows the organizing of customer information, but CRM software also provides the means to track sales leads from the time they are obtained until the sales are closed.

The best CRM software provides instant reporting capabilities

Good CRM allows all of the information obtained to be shared among both the sales force and the entire company. The right CRM software should combine all the elements of Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation (SFA), and Contact Management. This CRM allows sales managers and company officers to maintain complete control over sales operations and not miss any opportunities.

CRM systems used to be out of reach for any but the largest corporations

Many business owners believe that while CRM would be good for their business it is something that can only be afforded by large corporations with big sales forces and massive budgets. In fact this used to be the case because a good CRM system could cost millions of dollars. They were also difficult to set up and required a lot of training in order for people to be able to effectively use them.  That is no longer the case.

There is inexpensive and effective CRM software on the market

There are inexpensive CRM systems that can be tailored to the needs of all businesses regardless of size. They have this capability because they designed to fit right into Microsoft Outlook. This makes them very easy to set up and little training needs to be done for members of the sales force and others to effectively use them.

These good CRM systems contains everything busy sales managers need

These systems combine the best features of CRM, SFA, and Contact Management into one easily used system. Once a sales lead is found the CRM system will automatically track what is going on with the lead and keep sales personnel informed of what needs to be done to follow up with the sales lead.  There are also numerous reports built into the better CRM systems that are available instantly to sales managers and reports can be easily customized.

Sales Trends can be easily determined with the better CRM systems

With a good CRM the members of a sales force can do more than just access the names, addresses, and other contact information about contacts. The CRM software will provide data such as related contacts and correspondence. It is easy to see sales trends with the information provided by the CRM system. This allows companies to be more competitive and make sure they are reaching the right markets for their goods or services.

Individual sales force members can benefit greatly from a sophisticated CRM system

Every member of a sales force should be working a number of sales prospects and this can make it difficult to keep up with everything. With the right CRM system this becomes an easy task. For example, calendaring is automated so there are no missed appointments or follow up contacts.  Tasking is easier than ever before because everything is kept up to date with the CRM system.

Avidian has developed award winning products

A company called Avidian is setting the standard in the industry with its Prophet CMR software. Prophet has been named the Best Outlook-Based CRM solution. The Prophet CRM software has received the prestigious Four Star Rating from PC World magazine and business editorial writers are continuously heaping praise on Avidian for the high quality of its Prophet CRM software.

Companies can get a step ahead of their competition with the right CRM software

In today’s economy every business is looking for something to give them a competitive edge and many are finding what they need with the better and less expensive CRM systems. Sales forces can be brought to a higher level with the right CRM and instead of missed opportunities CRM will quickly allow businesses to dramatically increase their sales. There are now CRM systems that are affordable and very easy to use available to businesses of all sizes and types.

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