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CRM Tool

Choose the right CRM tool and generate more sales

Choosing a good CRM tool for your business is as important is choosing a good employee. As your CRM tool should provide your business with everything that you and your employees need to take your sales from start to finish. The right CRM tool can help your salespeople to convert more consumers into customers and turn one time customers into repeat clients. To understand how a CRM tool like the Prophet CRM tool can help your business build and close more sales, you must understand everything that a CRM tool can accomplish. Once you know what a CRM tool does, it will be easy to see just how a CRM tool can boost your business.

CRM Tool for Customer Data

One of the most important features of a CRM tool is its ability to record and analyze customer data. While there are a variety of ways to accomplish this, a good CRM tool allows you to keep all the information about your customers in one convenient location. The days of flipping from screen to screen in various different programs are over once you have installed a CRM tool. Everything you ever need to know about a customer is in one place. A CRM tool records contact information, purchase history, service plans, and even notes and information collected when contacting your customers. A CRM tool will allow you to personalize your customers’ experiences and drive repeat business through the roof.

CRM Tool for Organization

Another convenient feature of a CRM tool is the ability to organize various aspects of your business. From assigning tasks to maintaining client contact at regular intervals, all of this can be accomplished using a CRM tool. Once glance at the information for a salesperson will tell you how many pending sales they have or if they have followed up with their last client after the sale. A CRM tool can help you to manage your staff, increase productivity, and create and act on sales opportunities that would have slipped through your fingers without the use of a CRM tool.

CRM Tool for Reports

All of the information you have recorded about your customers and salespersons is useless if you cannot analyze the information within the CRM tool. A great CRM tool will allow you to make customized reports that will let you know what your sales outlook is, what your conversion rate looks like, and where your employees are not utilizing the CRM tool to its fullest. Everything within the CRM tool database can be analyzed and organized for you to review with your employees or other management staff to create a better business plan going forward or reward the team members who are producing. A CRM tool is crucial to the effective management of your business and your sales staff.

Using A CRM Tool to Close Sales

The actual closing of a sale may seem completely unrelated to the use of a CRM tool, however it is yet another benefit of using this type of software. Once the initial contact with a customer is made, the key to closing more sales with a CRM tool is follow up and direct marketing. A good CRM tool will schedule the follow up tasks for you and even send out emails at specified intervals to clients. The CRM tool can also alert you when a customer is due for service or if a warranty is soon to expire, allowing you to contact the customer and gauge their needs, marketing products directly to them. Above all, a CRM tool allows you to provide the personalized service and excellent customer commitment that brings customers back, every time.

Why the Prophet CRM Tool Works

The Prophet CRM tool is one of the most effective CRM tool on the market. It can provide your business with all of the best features of a CRM tool while keeping the simple, organized, and easy to use. The Prophet CRM tool works in conjunction with Outlook, making a product that many businesses use already, so double duty as a contact manager and CRM tool, all rolled into one. The Prophet CRM tool provides everything a business needs to increase and close sales.

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