CRM System for Outlook that is...
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CRM System for Outlook

What is a CRM system?

The Customer Relationship Management or CRM system refers to the computer software designed to help companies keep track of and easily access information about the customers or clients the business is dealing with. It has become widely used in recent years. A CRM system may also refer to the Sales Automation Force (SFA) software and contact management software. These are usually part of a good CRM system.

Is a CRM system right for every business?

Any business that is engaged in the sale of products or services can benefit from having a good CRM system. The problem used to be that only the largest companies with big budgets could afford a CRM system. Such a CRM system that had the SFA and contact management features could cost millions of dollars. They could also take days or weeks to set up and extensive training of employees was needed before they successfully use the CRM system. There were also many features included in a CRM system that many companies in the small to mid size range would never be able to use.

Now there is a CRM system for Outlook

Many of these problems have been alleviated with the development of a CRM system that is entirely compatible with Microsoft Outlook. This CRM system is much more affordable and is exceptionally user friendly. The CRM system can be operational in a matter of a day or two or even a few hours and employees can be easily and quickly trained to use the CRM system. This has made a good CRM system much more affordable. The CRM system can also be adapted to each company’s individual needs so there are no wasted features.

How does a CRM system help a business?

With the CRM system for Outlook members of a sales force have instant access to information about contacts and sales leads. The CRM system provides much more than just names and addresses. The CRM system contains the documentation dealing with a particular sales lead such as correspondence and previous contracts. The CRM system also keeps up with the necessary tasks to be done to follow up on the sales lead.

There are no missed opportunities with the right CRM system

The problem that many sales force managers have is keeping up with everything that is going on with each member of the sales team. The CRM system makes this much easier to do and also is used by the individual members of the sales force to help them make sure there are no lost opportunities. The calendaring function in a good CRM system will automatically remind sales personnel of the follow up needed and in some cases will automatically generate such action as follow up e-mails.

All the reports a sales manager needs are generated by a good CRM system

A major problem for many sales managers is keeping up with all of the reports needed to inform company executives of what is going on with the sales team. A good CRM system generates most of the necessary reports automatically and provides instant access to everyone in the company that needs to see them. The CRM system also allows reports to be easily and quickly customized.

A CRM system tracks all of the sales leads

The tracking functions of a top CRM system will follow a sales lead every step of the way from the time it is first made until the sale is closed. The CRM system can even correctly project the right closing date for the sale. The CRM system is also perfect for helping company executives to predict sales trends. With the CRM system the company can find out which of its products are selling the best and who the customers are that are buying them. Thus with a CRM system necessary adjustments to sales strategies can be made in a timely fashion.

Who provides the best CRM system for Outlook?

Many experts believe that the CRM system developed by a company called Avidian is the best CRM system on the market today. It provides all of the functions needed in a CRM system for companies of every size. It has received a four star rating from the prestigious PC Magazine and has been called the Best Outlook Based CRM solution. The company also provides the CRM system at highly competitive prices.

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