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Contact Management Software that’s Easy to Use

  • Organize all your Contact and Company information.
  • Track all emails, appointments, and follow-ups
  • Share client information with team members.
Contact Management Software
In its most basic form, Contact Management Software is a program designed to collect and record the personal information of the people you associate with. This essential information, name, phone number, address, and email address, is useful for keeping in touch with close associates. In a business environment, however, Contact Management Software takes on a much more complex role. The information needed is often much broader and more elaborate, and relates not just to the people you work with but the companies also. It often includes names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses for people and companies as well as a history of connected communication and events.
Contact Management Software for your business
Contact Management Software for your business should provide you with not only the basic information about the people and the companies you work with. It should also give you an easy way to review the history of any related communication and interactions for those people and companies. Programs such as Prophet CRM create just this type of relational system inside a very familiar environment—your Microsoft Outlook.

Prophet CRM utilizes the existing capabilities of Outlook to handle contacts, emails, appointments, and tasks, and adds to that the ability to organize all this information at the company and contact level. Prophet CRM has a Company record that details all relevant information, such as address, account number, and the people connected. So seeing which people are associated with a specific company is as easy as selecting the Company view in the Prophet Contact Manager.
Reviewing contact management history
The ability to review the history of communication you have had with your clients is a vital component of a Contact Management Software program—and it should be a simple process. You want to be able to see all the activities related to a specific person or company. The Prophet Contact Manager allows you to select a specific company or contact and see all the related emails, appointments, tasks, and even sales opportunities. The Contact Manager presents you with tabbed sections that let you easily switch between viewing emails, appointments, tasks, and attachments for a specific company or contact.

To find an email from one of your clients, simply click their name in the Contact Manager window and then select the “Emails” tab. You can now access that email from any folder opened directly in your Outlook, and with a simple click, open it to review the specifics. This vital function of Contact Management Software provides you with a consistent and reliable history of your relationship and communication with a client.
Choosing contact management software
Contact Management Software provides your business with the ability to track the contact information for both the people and the companies you work with. It creates relationships between the two, and gives you a way to see a comprehensive history of activities in an easy to navigate interface.

Prophet CRM creates all this for you inside a system you are already using, Microsoft Outlook. Continue to work in Outlook as you always have, and utilize Prophet’s advanced Contact Management features to keep tabs on every communication and activity you have for a specific client. This is an important advantage for Outlook users as it dramatically reduces the time it takes to become familiar with the new Contact Management features. Prophet’s integration with Outlook also eliminates the problem of having customer data scattered in two places. Prophet consolidates your contact data in one reliable place...Outlook.
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