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Compare Siebel CRM to Prophet CRM Software by Avidian Technologies

•  Prophet software moving up with small and mid-sized business market.
•  Siebel CRM Software.
•  Prophet CRM Software.

Prophet software moving up with small and mid-sized business market.
Today, for midsized and small business, there are a variety of different software options available, such as Siebel CRM and Prophet CRM software. However, when it comes to CRM options, some vendors, such as Siebel CRM are moving down in the market while there are other vendors, such as Avidian, and their Prophet software, that are moving up the ladder and bringing over more and more small and midsized businesses to their client base. So, you may be wondering, can you trust Siebel CRM or Prophet CRM software to provide you with the results you need? Is the good reputation of Siebel CRM enough to win your business over or are you looking for more? Well, let’s take a closer look at both Siebel CRM and Prophet CRM software, what they have to offer, and then which ones makes the best choice for small and midsized businesses today.

Siebel CRM Software.
For many years, Siebel CRM was one of the leaders in the market for CRM software, and there are a variety of different reasons that Siebel CRM software held this distinction. Over the years Siebel CRM build up a great reputation and they offer great CRM applications that have a good interface and that are technically sound as well. Of course another reason that Siebel CRM is so well liked is because they take the customer surveys into consideration, especially when they are creating new versions of the Siebel CRM software.

One of the great benefits of Siebel CRM is that it can provide great flexibility and it can scale with your business as well. Whether you are a small business or a midsized business in the middle of a growth spurt, you’ll find Siebel CRM can still work and provide exactly what you need. There are a variety of different models of the Siebel CRM software available, so companies can pick the edition that offers the best tools for their business.

Of course the main selling point of Siebel CRM with many people is that it is very functional. The products that they offer function extremely well, and when it comes to customer service and sales marketing Siebel CRM software is always in the top products. Both small businesses and mid sized business are also sure to appreciate the ability to customize Siebel CRM as well. Not only can Siebel CRM be customized to the company, but great integration tools are available as well, which makes Siebel CRM easy to integrate into the current system a company already has in place.

Prophet CRM Software.
Prophet is another CRM software option available on the market today, and it is definitely giving Siebel CRM some competition. Whether you have a small business or a larger business, Prophet CRM software can provide the CRM answers for your company. While Siebel CRM definitely has a lot to offer, you’ll find that Prophet has even more to offer businesses today. One of the main benefits of using Prophet CRM is that it works so well with Microsoft Outlook, which many businesses use for their email communication program of choice. So, Prophet offers excellent integration.

Sure, Siebel CRM does a lot to help out companies, but Prophet takes their software a bit further. They have designed the Prophet software to make everyone’s job easier, including marketers, agents in the call centers, It administrators, managers, sales representatives, and even the customers. Prophet steps out of the box with their CRM software and goes above and beyond to offer CRM excellent that is a step above that the Siebel CRM offers. Also, Prophet is extremely easy to install and it is very easy to manage as well. Of course along with the normal things you expect from CRM software, Prophet offers other benefits, such as great reporting abilities that provides companies with a great way to keep track of their progress as well as where they want to go in the future.

So, which one of these CRM software options is the better one – Siebel CRM or Prophet CRM? Well, while Siebel CRM is an excellent contender in the market, it just can’t quite measure up to what Prophet has to offer to small and midsized businesses. While Siebel CRM at one time dominated the market when it comes to CRM software, today it has had to move aside and make way for Prophet, which is definitely one of the best CRM software options available today.

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