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Compare Microsoft CRM to Prophet CRM Software by Avidian Technologies

•  Keep customers coming back with CRM
•  Prophet CRM software and Microsoft CRM software
•  Microsoft offers the Microsoft CRM software
•  The benefits of Microsoft CRM software
•  Prophet CRM Software gives you more. More is better

Keep customers coming back with CRM.
When it comes to marketing today, businesses are finding that the competition is tough. Since the marketing world is so competitive, it is important that businesses work to make their customers happy and keep them coming back over and over again. In order to keep customers coming back, companies are now using customer relationship management, which is known commonly as CRM. Companies today are finding that it is imperative to have excellent CRM software in place in order to keep a company successful and profitable.

Prophet CRM software and Microsoft CRM software.
There are a variety of software options that are available on the market today, including Microsoft CRM and Prophet CRM software. Microsoft offers the Microsoft CRM software, while the company Avidian offers Prophet CRM software. If you take a look at both Microsoft CRM and Prophet CRM, you will find that both of these software options have some great benefits. However, before you decide one a software option for your company, you will want to take a closer look at both Microsoft CRM and Prophet CRM. Taking a closer look will help out determine which software option is going to work out the best for your company. So, let’s look at some of the benefits that Microsoft CRM and Prophet CRM software have to offer. Then you’ll be able to make a better decision on whether Microsoft CRM or Prophet CRM is the better choice for you and your company.

Microsoft offers the Microsoft CRM software.
Microsoft CRM is an excellent software system that is available from the Microsoft company and one of the main benefits of this software is the ease in which it integrates with a variety of different business systems, from the complex to the simple systems. Of course since so many people actually use Microsoft Outlook already and other Microsoft based applications, Microsoft CRM becomes a very great choice and is easy to integrate and to work with as well. While Microsoft CRM definitely works well with Microsoft software applications, it also works well with the applications available from other providers as well. Businesses will even find that Microsoft CRM actually works with custom software too, which is definitely a big asset.

The benefits of Microsoft CRM software.
Another great benefit of Microsoft CRM software is that it is easy to share customer information between various departments of your company. So, using Microsoft CRM cuts down on work and time, since people in the different departments won’t have to try and get the same information. Also, Microsoft CRM also is beneficial because it provides all of your employees with customer information that is fresh and as up to date as possible. With Microsoft CRM, you will be able to streamline your business processes as well. Microsoft CRM is beneficial to your employees because they won’t have to keep reentering information, since it will easily be available to everyone within your company. So, your employees will be free to work on sales and other tasks that will keep your company profitable and growing, when you use Microsoft CRM software.

Prophet CRM Software gives you more. More is better.
While Microsoft CRM is definitely a contender in the CRM software market, it does not come close to offering what Prophet CRM software has to offer. Prophet is an excellent CRM software option, which is proven by all of the awards that the software has won. Microsoft CRM definitely cannot boast all the awards and recognitions that Prophet has received over the years. Sure, of course Microsoft CRM is easy to integrate with Outlook, but Prophet also can be integrated with Outlook and a variety of other programs that your company may already be using. Of course some of the main benefits of Prophet CRM software is that it has great value for the money you’ll pay, it is very easy to install, and a variety of excellent tools are at your fingertips, without requiring extensive training.

So, the bottom line is that although Microsoft CRM does have a lot to offer, it cannot come up to the level of Prophet CRM software. Microsoft CRM and Prophet CRM are both good choices, but for companies that truly want the best CRM software systems for their companies, Prophet CRM software by Avidian is going to be the best choice for success and profit in the end.
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