Compare Goldmine Software to Prophet Outlook CRM Software

Prophet Outlook CRM makes a huge leap in the ease of use over Goldmine Software by creating the needed sales CRM features right inside of Outlook. If you use Outlook all day long for emailing and creating contacts, appointments and tasks, then would it makes sense to do your other sales activities inside Outlook as well.

eWeek reviews both Goldmine Software and Prophet Outlook CRM Software. For Ease of Use, eWeek give Goldmine Software “Good” rating while giving Prophet an Excellent Rating.

Instead of requiring users to sync with Outlook and use an inferior email and calendaring system - Prophet builds on top of the database and features of Outlook with the latest .NET technology to create the world’s easiest to use Outlook based CRM software.

This means a simplified user interface for easy Contact Management and seamless sales and pipeline management with your current contact database in Outlook and the continued use of the best email client for windows.

Goldmine Software comparison to Prophet Outlook CRM Software

Feature Prophet Outlook CRM Software
(Prophet Server Editions)
Goldmine Software
(Goldmine Standard, Goldmine Corporate & Goldmine Premium)
Easy of Use Rating by eWeek Magazine Excellent Good
Email Client No need to change or learn anything new. Continue in Outlook. Use Goldmine Software’s Own Email Client / Must Manually sync with Outlook
Calendar / Appointment No need to change or learn anything new. Continue in Outlook. Use Goldmine Software’s own calendar manually / Must manual synced with Outlook
Contact Database No need to change or learn anything new. Continue in Outlook. Use Goldmine Software’s Contact Database / Must manual synced with Outlook from Goldmine to Outlook but not from Outlook to Goldmine
Appointments No need to change or learn anything new. Continue in Outlook. Goldmine Software appointment system manually synced with Outlook.
Task Management No need to change or learn anything new. Continue in Outlook. Goldmine Software task manager manually synced with Outlook
Company Accounts Prophet’s patented technology allows you to view either by Contact name or Company name. You choose the view. All inside Outlook. Goldmine Software contact database manually synced with Outlook 2000 or XP
Sales Reports & Customized Reports Outlook with 30+ predefined reports including Sales Funnel & Sales People Activity Reports Goldmine Software report manager
Personalized Group Emails Prophet Group Email Wizard allows you to send personal emails to groups or categories you choose right inside Outlook. Goldmine Software email
Sharing Contacts Share Contacts in Outlook through Public Folder or Prophet Contact Manager Must use Goldmine Software Contact Manager to share Contacts.
Opportunity Management All sales opportunities can be view from Outlook Contacts or Outlook records or use Prophet Opportunity Manager in Outlook to view Opportunities. Must view Opportunities from Goldmine.
Share Sales Opportunity Data Easy Peer to Peer sharing or Server Based Sharing Goldmine Goldsync
.Net Based Yes. Built with the latest .Net, Microsoft SQL databases. No.
Here are some reviews of Goldmine Software on PC Magazine:
By kamal323  May 21, 2004
I also registered just to give this a low rating. Undocked laptop user gets new machine: I'm sorry, you can't sync without redoing everything about that user in the management system. Update to Office 2003: I'm sorry, MSDE/SQL is now all messed up, Goldmine no longer works, now you have to crawl through the registry to get rid of it. Formatting the user's machine was quicker/easier. Our users find Goldmine too complicated for most of them to even use. The install is so complicated it takes an hour and 8 pages of instructions, make one mistake and you're toast. At least our vendor is solid.
By mmm10  March 25, 2004
We bought Goldmine to replace Daytimers which was out of business and not working with Windows 2000. We use Goldmine in a networked environment. I cannot stress enough how many faults I have found with it. The interface is just awful and it is very difficult to add or customize user defined fields. The worst part is when I had to search for a specific criteria in my address file and then print mailing labels. There is no link to Avery label formats. I found a 25 page - I repeat 25 PAGE document on Goldmine's website that explains how to export a list to Word, etc, etc, etc, to print onto an Avery label. You have GOT to be kidding. It would take me less time to re-enter the information myself! Yet another horrible issue - don't even try to take a lap top off the network and use Goldmine. It just doesn't work. They don't have any "solutions" for that either. And syncing to a Palm? What a JOKE! It takes about 30 minutes to so call syncronize and then everything is all screwed up on your Palm. We're now looking into buying Timematters which so far seems to be the way to go. Good luck and remember there is no gold at goldmine!
By thatswrite  November 7, 2003
I'd give it less than 1 Star if I could. Goldmine is so bad that I went through the whole process of registering on the PC Magazine site just to let others know how terrible it is. I consider myself very computer literate, I've developed websites, worked for international corporations that use Outlook and now I'm in a smaller business that uses Goldmine and over the last 9 months have found out that while it may be some Tekkies Dream Toy, it is the MOST USER-UNFRIENDLY program I have ever encountered. If you are considering switching from Outlook DON'T!!!
By sonickev  November 14, 2002
This product gets good reviews and is supposedly widely used by a lot of people. It has features which could be really useful, but it is clumsy, non-intuitive and has corrupted or lost my data many times. Handling and tracking of email is flawed to the extent that it is almost unusable. If it worked in the way it appears to have been intended then all would be fine, but it lacks some really obvious features that are simple and easily accessed in programs like outlook. Unless you put all of your emails in your inbox and then manually file them once read, the email handling fails in a major way. Even upgrading to the next version, which currently costs an extra 60 or 70 dollars is time consuming and problematic. Outlook is very stable and has a smart interface but lacks the features that you need to track a large sales field. Goldmine claims to have the features you need but fails to deliver.
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