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Avidian's Prophet makes a huge leap in the “ease of use” over ACT Software by creating a sales and contact management solution INSIDE of Outlook. PC Magazine recently names Prophet as a “Favorite Small Business Tool.” for being easy to use and adding huge value.

Instead of requiring users to synch with Outlook and use an inferior email and calendaring system - Prophet builds on top of the database and features of Outlook with the .NET technology.

This means a simplified user interface, a seamless management of opportunities with your current contact database in Outlook and the continued use of the best email client for windows. Learn more how Prophet can help you...

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Compare Act Software to Prophet Outlook CRM Software
Feature Prophet Outlook CRM ACT Software
Email Client Outlook 2000, XP
or 2003, 2007, 2010
ACT Software email manually synched with Outlook 2000 or XP
Calendar System Outlook 2000, XP
or 2003, 2007, 2010
ACT Software calendar manually synched with Outlook 2000 or XP
Contact Database Outlook 2000, XP
or 2003, 2007, 2010
ACT Software contact database manually synched with Outlook
Appointments Outlook 2000, XP
or 2003, 2007, 2010
ACT Software appointment system manually synched with Outlook
Task Management Outlook 2000, XP
or 2003, 2007, 2010
ACT Software task manager manually synched with Outlook
Company Accounts Prophet data relationship built on Outlook contact database ACT Software contact database manually synched with Outlook 2000 or XP
Standard & Customized Reports Prophet Report Manager built into Outlook ACT Software report manager
Personalized Group Emails Prophet Group Email Wizard using Outlook 2000 and XP email ACT Software email
Share Sales Opportunity Data Easy Peer to Peer or Centralize Server Sharing Give access to ACT Software database
Industry and Customer Feedback
Prophet 4.0 Professional
“Avidian's Prophet 4.0 is a well-designed, easy-to-use contact management tool that works directly in Microsoft Outlook.”
“Act!" By Sage
"Increased options lead to increased complexity. Some features not intuitive. Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook a bit rough."
Here are some reviews of Act Software on Amazon:
By A. Minassian (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews
I unfortunately started with ACT! 2006!, and upgraded from there one. Every year since then a new version came out at about $100+ for the upgrade, and instead of cutting my losses, I purchased each upgrade. about $800 dollars later, I've had enough. Please note that I have never written reviews, but became so jaded about this program that I felt I had no other choice. Also, please note that I use act on my computer and my assistants.

This program is horrendous. It is extremely slow, crashes constantly, and has tons of error messages. I remember upgrading to 2009 just so that I could get another few months of tech support. It seemed as if the upgrade cost would make sense, considering their crappy support charges by the minute. Anyway it wasn't and now I am looking into getting my database converted (my biggest issues being the notes) at this I don't care how much I spend on the conversion, or even If I have to retype all my notes over. I hate this program, and will literally toss it out of my window as soon as I can. Trust me, look for an alternative. If you don't mind the effort, attempt in creating a database on filemaker, or just use outlook.
 I wish I'd read these reviews before I bought... ACT! is dreadful,  March 5, 2009
By Ulrich von Bek - See all my reviews

After 19 years in the IT industry I thought I knew how to pick good software... ACT! seemed safe enough; it's been around forever so they *must* have worked the bugs out, right? Very professional packaging, sold everywhere, all the 'safety' signs are there...

Well I was wrong. Another review called ACT! 'snake oil' and I'd say that's pretty close to the mark.

The first thing I noticed was that the quality of the printed reports (phone lists was my main interest) was horrible - actually horrible to the point of being illegible and unusable. The marketing material rants about how you can print in collins-debden / filofax / etc formats though their wonderful templates but believe me, you'd be better off hiring a blind heroin addict to handwrite your address pages. It would be both cheaper and more legible.

Then there's the debacle over Windows Update - ACT is written so badly that when Windows Update did its thing, ACT had a hissy fit and self-destructed. ACT took weeks to do anything about it, and I lost many frustrating hours diagnosing and fixing (by the way, I used to work inside ITG - the division of Microsoft Tech Support that gives tech support to Microsoft internal staff, so it's not like I'm a newbie at this stuff).

(Also, by the way, the computer of interest is a brand-spanking new business-type Dell, with nothing on it but Windows XP, a good virus checker, and ACT.)

Then after fixing that and using for a couple of weeks the crashing began... then more crashing, then the 100% cpu hanging, then the strange inability to select 'calender' - ever. When I looked at the ACT! user forums the answer was clear - LOTS of users have LOTS of problems with ACT. I was not alone in having problems or being frustrated and feeling cheated of time and money.

ACT technical support staff are just blame-shifters. While reading the forums I read all sorts of nonsense. One support staffer told a customer 'I suspect your problem is that you have a 5400rpm hard drive' - this is CONTACT MANAGEMENT - Not magnetic resonance imaging of the centre of a neutron star! At Microsoft I ran a two Gigabyte SQL Server customer database on 5400rpm drives with a pentium 400 at the helm - a long long time ago so ANY computer today should EAT a small contact database alive. ACT like telling people they need supercomputers because the average joe doesn't realise just how simpe contact management is from an IT perspective and it gets the customer off the phone. That was the worst of the cop-outs I heard, but there were LOTS of others.

I've seen some bad code in my time, but I shudder to think what must be happening at ACT... To have this many problems at version 11, to have performance issues running 1990's software on 2009 computers, to be so sloppy in coding that ACT doesn't work with Data Execute Prevention and Windows Update (two critical Microsoft security features) and with bad tech support to boot...

This morning I uninstalled ACT and a sense of calm and happiness washed over me. I also feel wiser, like the time I got mugged on a train on which I'd foolishly sat too far from the guards compartment at night. This has been a lot like that experience actually, mildly expensive, fairly frustrating, and I won't make that mistake again.

 Worst of The Worst!,  June 22, 2009
By Li Fan (Chicago, IL) - See all my reviews

My parent is a long time ACT! 2000 user, the upgrade to the ACT! 2009 Premium Edition seems to be a nightmare, in terms of program startup/running speed and stability.

Let me give you cuple example after just a few minutes of using and testing.

He have about 3000 contacts and thousands of groups in his old ACT! 2000 program database, and couple thousand to-do lists.

After conversion of the old 2000 database to the new 2009, the database size has increased about 10 times from 15MB to about 60MB with no new contents added.

The program with the Microsoft SQL express server is running hell slow on a Duo Core 2.0 GHZ machine with 2 GB of memory.

Changing a layout of the program (back and forth from only 2 option available, whcih is 800x600 or 1024x768, none is optimized for today's widescreen LCD monitors.) takes about 5 minutes. During the layout change, the program simply would just freeze untill 5 minutes later the layout change is finished.

Starting the ACT! 2009 Premium Edition takes at least 1 min and 30 seconds for it to load only 3000 contacts and 3000 to-dos. The original ACT! 2000? it takes it 0.5 seconds. Wow, what a difference. I don't understand how could they make a great program so S***ty garbage in just 9 years.

Open anything with over 1000 entries (Contacts, Groups, Tasks/To-do) takes over 30 seconds on the initial click, and 5 secons thereafter.

Selecting 2000 entries takes over 1 minutes, and completeing them by clearing them takes about 2-3 minutes......

This is nightmare, I'm suggesting my parent to switch back to ACT! 2000 till he finds a better CRM software.

 Customer support is another $200!,  June 9, 2009
By Frank H. Steinmueller (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews
We have been using a prior version (6.0) in a Law Office as a client database for a number of years. The new version of ACT! was purchased with two new office PC's and the product was registered when someone loaded it on one of them. Our existing database was not converted because of numerous errors in the instructions and lack of time. Now, months later I find out that customer support is limited to 30 days from registration. We can buy a year's support (starting back at our registration date) for $200 or pay $45 per phone call. Thanks, Sage, for standing behind your product! Based on other reviews here, it looks like a safer bet would be other software.
By J. Neil (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews
I'm just joining the chorus. I used ACT! for years, when I bought it I trusted Symantec and it was a wonderful product. Sage Software has completely destroyed ACT! I HATE THIS SOFTWARE. Unfortunately moving to another software with many years of history in ACT! takes time, but I am slowly migrating away from this worthless software and will never in my lifetime buy ANY product made by Sage. (I have wasted money going through every version released by Sage, but it doesn't get better, it just keeps getting worse.) This company deserves a class action lawsuit over this!
 Returned to Amazon,  August 6, 2007
By James M. Moriyasu  See all my reviews
I have used ACT! for 17 years and need the product for my work. I upgraded this year from Act!2004 because Sage discontinued support. Act!2007 is a huge disappointment for this user and my two assistants. Luckily, my company has a person who can troubleshooot Act!2004 so we have gone back to it and RETURNED ACT! 2007, for a full refund.
 Can't wait to get rid of it!!!! ZERO STARS,  July 19, 2007
By Michael Williams (Dallas, TX)  See all my reviews
I have struggled with this software for six months, and like many other reviewers, I would like to give this ZERO stars. I have used ACT for over 10 years, and have always been very pleased. This version is a disaster--EXTREMELY slow memory hog, backup and restore is virtually impossible. I am completely frustrated and sorry I "upgraded" to this version. We will be converting (at significant expense) to other software as soon as possible. Why couldn't Sage just leave it alone?
 What a disaster. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT,  July 13, 2007
By K. Morgan (California)  See all my reviews
Can I give it zero stars? Do not buy this product. Do not buy this product. Do not buy this product. We're a global audit company that was using ACT 6.0 and getting along just fine, thank you, until our CEO decided to upgrade to 2007 Workgroups. NIGHTMARE. The conversion process took us 2 days and multiple calls to tech support. We're pretty computer savvy since we've set up our own servers and developed software for our market, but we couldn't maneuver easily through converting our databases from 6.0 to 2007. We lost all our tasks, 1/2 our phone numbers and countless hairs off my head. The new version doesn't support our printing labels and when I tried to convert the old ones over it wasn't correct. All my letters didn't convert, so I had to start from scratch there. Each of these things took hours. In 6.0, when you created a task list, it was in the order of the date you set the task for. AS IT SHOULD BE. In 2007, when you create a task list and then go to the contacts to go through them, it's in alphabetical order and YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT!! Thanks Sage, for putting out a truly crummy product.
 Zero stars - what a piece of garbage,  July 2, 2007
By Derrick Palmer "Maus" (California)  See all my reviews
Truly a miserable experience. Have been using ACT! through various upgrades since the early DOS days. It used to be a terrific program. The 2005 version was a disaster - slow, crashes, memory hog, you've no doubt heard it all before. I just tried uninstalling 2005 and going back to my 2000 version. According to the reviews 2007 is no better.

Save your money and sanity. Try something else.

-- A disillusioned former ACT! devotee.
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