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CRM Software in Outlook
Customer Relationship Management Software, or CRM Software, is a large class of software programs essentially designed to help businesses manage their customer...Learn more about CRM Software in Outlook....
On-Premise vs Hosted CRM Software – How to Decide?
Sales are the life blood of nearly every company. With plenty of sales, you’re vibrant, healthy and have opportunities for growth. If you don’t have enough sales, you’re anemic, dying and worried about how to make the next payroll. Having the right CRM can help....Read more...
Act Software with Prophet 4.0
The key difference between ACT! and Prophet is found in how they do what they do. ACT! comes with its own set of productivity tools....Compare Prophet to ACT Software...
Outlook CRM
Outlook CRM, which is also known as Outlook customer relationship management, is essential to the success of any company, whether it be large or small. Outlook CRM can improve the customer relations of a company.....Learn more about Outlook CRM...
Compare Prophet to Goldmine
Most business professionals are looking for features in a program, but the specific features they need. Extra features are not a benefit when you must navigate through additional forms to complete your tasks.....Compare Prophet to Goldmine...
A Better Business Contact Manager
Many professionals looking for a Business Contact Manager are searching for a program that will help them to organize all the information they work with in their daily business. This often includes the contact information for people and companies, as well as all the related correspondence and events.....more on a better business contact manager...
Contact Management Software that’s Easy to Use
Contact Management Software in its most basic form is a software program designed to collect and record the personal information for the people you associate with. This typically includes name, phone number, address, and email address. This is the information that is most useful for keeping.....more on contact management software...
Contact Manager Software
In today’s highly competitive business climate the key to success is not just finding potential customers for your goods and services, but closing the deals. This often involves careful management of contacts.....Learn more about Contact Manager software...
Software Sales
Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to use Microsoft Outlook to maximize software sales capacity? Or, better yet, wouldn’t it be great to have a way to keep track of software sales through the use of sales and beyond...
Sales Tracking Software
Keep track of leads, prospects and sales is a huge challenge for any sales professional today. Many will develop complex mechanisms using files and spreadsheets and databases.....Sales Tracking made easy...
Top 10 Mistakes Made When Using Outlook to Manage Your Sales
appointments and reminders. Additionally, many have tweaked and customized Outlook to manage their sales.....Read more...
How to Increase Sales Effortlessly
A four part series brought to you by Matthew Ferry. Mr. Ferry, who runs the Academy of Influence, is an internationally-known author, lecturer, sales trainer, and mentor, and has been teaching millionaires to make money since 1993.
Part 1: "Reduce your effort and achieve extraordinary results"
Part 2. "Reduce your effort and Attract Sales Effortlessly"
Part 3. "Feeling Good Equal More Sales"
Additional Articles in the Sales Best Practices Series
CRM from the Management Perspective
Step One: How To Manage Leads
How Do You Find Profitable Customers? Get to Know Your Own…
What is Your Sales Process?
The Art of Pricing – A 3 plus 1 Analysis
Sell the Entire Buying Center (Not Just the Decision Maker)
Building a Revenue Stream with Your CRM System
Sales Force Automation Challenges
Identifying Target Markets
Identifying Sales Constraints
Identifying the Pattern Between Buyers and Sellers
The 5 Step Sales Process – Creating an Effective Sales Process
Understanding and Creating an Effective Sales Funnel
Do You Need a Full Customer Relationship Management Software?
What is Sales Force Automation (SFA) and How Can it Help My Business?
11 Ideas for Improving Your Lead Management Process
How to Boost Sales in a Slumping Economy
Creating a Consistent and Repeatable Sales Process
Creating a Consistent and Repeatable Sales Process through Sales Force Automation
Our First Step by Step Guide for Business Relationship Professionals

How Jane Martin Uses Prophet to Manage Her Real Estate Sales Opportunities

Here is a real world example of how a user has set-up Prophet to help her track sales opportunities. This series is focuses on real world application of the software with steps that can be applied to just about any business. If you want an online demo of Prophet - we now have one available in Flash

Step One - Outline Your Sales Process
Step Two - Define and Organize Your Products
Step Three - Customize Prophet to Fit the Business
Step Four - Organize your Contacts
Step Five - Start Tracking an Opportunity
Step Six - Updating and Closing Out the Sales Opportunity
Step Seven - Generate a Report
Step Eight - Using Personalized Group Email to Communicate
Migrating from ACT! to Prophet – How Pinnacle Lending Group Did It.

Dave Baltzer, principle at Pinnacle Lending Group, and his team have been using ACT! for the last nine years, but were growing increasingly frustrated with the way ACT! handled multiple opportunities per contact. Even after spending significant dollars on customization, Dave and his team felt like they needed a better solution. Read how they migrated their business from ACT! to Prophet.

Brandrud Furniture and Prophet - A Case Study

Brandrud Furniture is using Prophet to create and formalize their sales process for the first time ever. Moving from a simple Access database to an Outlook based sales opportunity management system has been a great learning experience that they share with you. Read the entire case study.

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