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Avidian Case Studies

Avidian’s Prophet Answers All Aamcom’s CRM Calls

Steve Diels, president of Aamcom said Avidian’s support staff was able to customize our version of Prophet "so it did exactly what we wanted it to."

Alkemi International: Ensuring CRM Adoption and Integration

Stewart, CEO of Alkemi said The solution to our problem was that we needed a simple CRM system which integrated with software that we used on a day to day basis, such as Microsoft Outlook,"After all, who can go a day without checking e–mail?"

Avidian’s Prophet CRM Fits Blumenthal Uniforms Perfectly

Mitch Blumenthal, president of Blumenthal Uniforms said, "Thanks to Prophet, opportunities aren’t slipping through the cracks anymore."

Brandrud Furniture Improves Response Time with Prophet CRM Software

Bobby Holt, President of Brandrud said, "for the first time we have a sales process that allows us to set benchmarks and create forecast reports that are consistent among sales reps."

CCS Printing: Maximizing Customer Relationships in a Slow Economy

Kevin Sullivan, president of CCS Printing said We knew we needed a system to manage our customer relationships, "But we wanted something that would be simple to use and wouldn’t be difficult to adopt."

Cisco-Eagle Prevents Unnecessary Expenses and Regains Losses With Prophet CRM Software

Director of Marketing Chris Doyle said, "Not only did we see Avidian’s CRM literally pay for itself through expense reduction and efficiency gains, we also began capturing lost revenue thanks to having better CRM tools and processes in place for managing sales leads that were otherwise falling through the cracks."

Elobau Sensor Technology, Inc. Increases Value with Avidian’s Prophet OnDemand

US Operations Manager Francois Mortier said, "right now we feel like we have just barely scratched the surface in terms of what we can accomplish with Prophet OnDemand."

Fortune Bank Increases Productivity with Prophet CRM Software

Steve Brinton, Vice President of Marketing said, "Prophet has allowed us to manage our people very effectively, set realistic expectations of their performance and track performance in a reliable way."

Avidian Technologies’ Prophet CRM Lends Secure Health, Inc. Some Needed Support

Daniel B. Scherer, CEO of Secure Health Inc said, "After the first day of trial, I became encouraged that this was our answer."

Avidian–Sunshine Homes

Rachel Nordgren, Operations Manager of Sunshine Homes said, "Our team did not realize Outlook could be used for more than just email.The training was really key."

Avidian–The Bishop Company

Arthur A. Athanas, Director of Marketing said, "At the end of the day, we felt that Prophet was not so much of a change but a major enhancement, It took what we had and made it better."

Avidian–Canfield Package Development

Steve Canfield, Principal said, "I was already using Outlook so Prophet seemed like a natural fit and extension of that."