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Business Contact Manager by Avidian Technologies
Business Contact Manager

Many professionals looking for a Business Contact Manager are searching for a program that will help them to organize all the information they work with in their daily business. This often includes the contact information for people and companies, as well as all the related correspondence and events. There are many programs strictly designed to perform as a Business Contact Manager, and there are as many more that have a Business Contact Manager as a component of the application. The type of Business Contact Manager that is chosen will often depend upon the functions desired as well as the use of use of the program.

What does a Business Contact Manager do?

As simple as it sounds, a Business Contact Manager is designed to do exactly that: manage your business contacts. At a basic level this means recording and organizing the basic contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) for the people you work with in business. Many programs, such as Microsoft Outlook accomplish this easily. In the current business environment, this is typically not sufficient. A Business Contact Manager also needs to organize the information for the companies you work with and directly associate the people employed by those companies. It also needs to organize and track correspondence, events and actions related to those people and companies. At a more advanced level, many Business Contact Managers will even provide the ability to manage lead and prospect information.

Business Contact Manager for Microsoft Outlook

There are several programs on the market that have a Business Contact Manager application. The most familiar of these being Microsoft Outlook with Business Contact Manager, which creates a relational system for managing business contacts inside of Outlook. This single user system creates a contact and company relation within Outlook, although it does so by creating a separate location for storage of this data. It allows for tracking sales opportunities associated with the contact in the Business Contact Manager database. Sharing of information can be accomplished through a peer-to-peer network, but it does not integrate with Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft Business Contact Manager has 20 built in reports for limited basic reporting.

A Better Business Contact Manager for Outlook

Prophet 5 provides a Business Contact Manager inside of Outlook, and integrates with your existing Outlook contacts, emails, tasks and appointments. It creates a relational database of contacts, companies, and related activities. Prophet 5 allows for tracking of sales opportunities related directly to the contacts in your Outlook folders, no separate or segmented data. The single user version of Prophet 5 permits sharing of information through a simple peer-to-peer connection, while the Server version allows sharing of all contact and opportunity data across a local network as well as the ability for the users to work off-line and automatically synchronize with the Server. Prophet 5 integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server to allow sharing of all contacts, emails, appointments and tasks related to your opportunities. Reporting is accomplished through over 30 built in reports, as well as a Report Wizard for creation of custom reports. Any custom reports created can be shared as templates across the entire sales group.

Prophet 5 as Your Outlook based Business Contact Manager

Prophet 5 provides advanced Business Contact Manager features, inside of Microsoft Outlook. It creates a system for tracking sales opportunities and all the related correspondence stored right in your Outlook email, calendar, and tasks. Sharing of data across a team of users is simple to accomplish with a peer-to-peer connection, local area network, or Server system. Reporting is easily done with the built in reports or with custom reports.

Prophet 5 provides business contact manager software that is a complete contact management solution available for Microsoft Outlook that is familiar and easy to use. Discover the power of Microsoft Outlook business contact manager software system with one contact database and flexible reporting.

Microsoft Outlook is the most commonly used email programs on the market today and has easily become the industry standard for which business email is used.

Prophet is the complete solution that gives you a Microsoft Outlook business contact manager software system that manages contacts, companies and sales opportunities. Leverage your contacts with complete business contact manager software from Prophet 3.0 and link any contact and company to your sales opportunities.

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