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ACT CRM - Why Choose ACT CRM When You Can Purchase Top CRM Software Like Prophet


Prophet and ACT CRM are Top Competitors
Those who are interested in CRM software options for their company will find many choices out there today. Two of the top competitors on the market today include ACT CRM and Prophet Software. Both options are very well know on the market and they both have pros and cons. However, if you are choosing a CRM software option for your business needs, no doubt you want to make sure you get the best option for your needs. Taking a closer look at ACT CRM and Prophet Software will help you find out which option is going to be right for you. Of course when you look at the features closely, no doubt you'll find that Prophet is definitely the best choice. So, why choose ACT CRM when you can purchase top CRM software such as Prophet?  If you're trying to make a decision on which software system is going to work best for your company, keep reading to find out how Prophet is truly on top of the market today.

Prophet Leads in Contact Management
Take a look at both ACT CRM and Prophet and you'll find that Prophet takes the lead when it comes to contact management. Having a great system for contact management behind you is so important when you are running your business. When you go with the Prophet software instead of actually purchasing ACT CRM, you'll find that you can more easily create new contacts, manage your current contacts, and share contact information throughout your business. You can easily share all of your contacts throughout the system, which is a definitely benefit. So, if you really want the best in contact management software today, you'll want to go with Avidian's Prophet instead of purchase ACT CRM for your business contact management needs.

ACT CRM is Weak with Microsoft Outlook
Most businesses today are already using Microsoft Outlook to deal with their contacts, and when they need a bit more out of a CRM system, they usually want to go with a software option that will easily integrate with Outlook. Well, when it comes to ACT CRM, you'll find that it is weak with Microsoft Outlook. Why? Well, ACT CRM can work with Outlook in some ways, but it comes with its own system. On the other hand, you have Prophet software, which is built to work on the same platform as Microsoft Outlook does. This allows you to use all of the information that you already have in place with outlook. It also makes it easy on you as well, since you won't have to learn an entirely new system. So, once again Prophet becomes a better choice than ACT CRM.

Prophet Allows Data Sharing
When you go with Prophet Software, you'll also find that it offers better data sharing than ACT CRM as well. Sure, you may be able to share data with ACT CRM; however, since it is not based on the Outlook platform, you'll find it a bit harder. With Prophet you can so easily take all the data and make it accessible to anyone on the sales team. It is so important to be able to share all of your data throughout your business, since it can save a lot of time and help to keep everyone on the same page. You'll also be able to keep better track of what is going on and how your sales team is performing as well with this feature. So, if you want to more easily share data, consider Prophet instead of purchasing ACT CRM for your business.

Prophet Boasts Top Reporting Features
When it comes to CRM software today, you'll find that Prophet boasts top reporting features. You'll be able to generate all the reports that you need easily and quickly when you choose Prophet over ACT CRM. Reports are important to any business. You need to be able to see how your business is performing and where you need to make some changes as well. So, you'll want to go with the Prophet Software instead of ACT CRM, so you can have the excellent reporting features that are offered by this top software system.

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